On Being in the Moment

I used to be someone who could never live in the moment. Wherever I was, whatever I was doing, I would always have at least half my mind somewhere else, thinking about something else. I found it incredibly difficult to just “BE” and would feel physically uncomfortable if I had to sit around for any longer than a couple of minutes without something to read. I never realised that this was doing me any harm, and I certainly never realised that I was missing out on some of the best things in life, simply by not allowing myself to notice them.

I’m a different woman now though, and one of my greatest pleasures is to really take in what’s going on around me. I’ve found that this leads me to a great and deep sense of inner peace, but I also know that it’s only possible (for me, at least) because by and large I have come to a point where I am accepting of who I am. That acceptance means that I no longer have to try to run away from my thoughts and feelings, and that’s what gives me the space to look outside.

This weekend is a case in point. My lovely husband Peter and I have had the most glorious weekend in our campervan, not doing very much but enjoying every minute. There were hot air balloons to watch, birds to listen to, new leaves and blossom to enjoy, warm sunshine to appreciate and all the smells of springtime. There was also peacefulness, togetherness, quiet affection, back rubs and the strengthening of the already strong bond between us – all done mostly wordlessly because words weren’t necessary. As Peter says, “Simple Pleasures”.

Simple Pleasures are Peter’s version of my #happies and both come about only when you’re able to be wholly in the moment. That means not fretting about what might be, what has been or what won’t be, but rather focussing entirely on the here and now. Using all of your senses to tune in to whatever’s around you, and noticing the good things.

How much of your time do you spend in the moment, and how much do you spend worrying about other things?

How would it be if you allowed yourself a little time each day to sit back and metaphorically smell the roses?

I wonder what good things you might start to notice about your life as a result?

Do let me know…


2 responses to “On Being in the Moment

  1. Good questions! And it’s actually not as simple as it sounds! Silencing your brain, shutting of your “thinking” so you can just BE in the here in now is something that needs practice and commitment. Eckhart Tolle’s books “The Power of Now” and “Practising the Power of Now” are a good read on this topic.

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