On My Niche Markets

Last time I was here, I talked about realising that I needed to focus on my niche markets, so I thought I’d take a little time to talk about why I chose those niches. Today I’ll be focussing on Mums.

My goal in life is to help as many people as possible to discover the joy and fulfilment that comes from coming to know and love their true colours. I believe that it’s vitally important to get really in touch with who you are and what you want in life – that’s when you can really give of yourself to others and build a life that nurtures both you and the people you come into contact with. So many of us waste our mental energy on worrying about who we are , and trying to fit into someone else’s view of who and how we should be. I believe that all that mental energy could and should be better spent on realising our potential and helping others to realise theirs.

My choice of niche markets reflects that. In realise that I’m still trying to have my cake and eat it by having more than one niche but I’ve always been greedy…

My first niche is Mums, specifically (but not exclusively) working Mums.

I’ve always been a working mum, from both necessity and choice. I’ve been a single mother, a step-mother and an exhausted mother and I’ve helped my children cope with the stress of exams, relationships and step-parents. They are now both flourishing out in the Big Wide World, and I have an Empty Nest (which, I have to say, is lovely 🙂

But I remember vividly how it was when they were little, with only 17 months between them. I know how hard it can be trying to find time for yourself when you’re the one that keeps the family going; and let’s face it, even if you’re happily married or living wioth a partner, if you’re Mum then it’s likely to be you that sits in business meetings thinking about what to get for tea, whether the PE kit is ready for tomorrow and whether there’s 50p in your purse for the Tooth Fairy tonight!

Even with the most supportive partner in the world, it can be very difficult to retain a sense of self, particularly when your children are small. Many of us feel guilty if we take time out just for us – there are so many other things we “should” be doing!

And I also remember feeling as if I was the only Mum out there who’d lost site of herself. We’re bombarded with images of “perfect mums” with their “perfect families” and it’s so easy to get disheartened and lose confidence, particularly if you don’t have a support network around you as I didn’t.

I firmly believe that, if Mum’s happy and healthy then the rest of the family is happy and healthy, so it really is vital for Mums to take time out of that huge long list of tasks and concentrate on their own needs.

That’s why I’ve created my MumMy Time programmes. You can choose from

  • 3 different online coaching packages designed to suit every budget
  • weekend retreats
  • group or individual coaching
  • a comprehensive workbook

So however you prefer to work, I think I’ve got something that will suit you.

If you want to know more about online coaching, why not sign up for my free teleseminar on June 24th – I’ll show you how easy it is to use and explain how you’ll get a completely private, one to one coaching experience online.

If you’d like to know more about my MumMy Time Project in general, or any other aspect of Colour in Your Thinking, then I’d love you to sign up to my mailing list so I can keep in touch with you.

Next time I’ll be talking about my second niche, A level students and undergraduates.

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