My Niche Markets #3

It’s taken me far too long to write this blog. My excuse is that I’ve been working flat out getting my online packages ready to go, and the first set of packages is aimed at my 3rd niche, which is owners of small and medium-sized businesses.

Having escaped the corporate world and transformed myself into a small business owner who now networks with lots of other small business owners via 4N and Jelly, I’m well aware of the challenges inherent in running your own business.

Most of the people I meet set up their own business because they had a passion for something and the only way to realise it was to work for themselves.

They started out full of hopes and dreams and on something of a mission – they had a clear idea of where they wanted to get to and at least some idea of how to get there: they had a vision in mind.

Over time, real-life sets in and the demands of keeping the business afloat make it difficult to keep sight of that original passion, and you can get to a point where you question why you ever got yourself into this position in the first place.

Well, I think there are  lessons we can learn from how big business operates, and that’s why I’ve created Colour in Your Business.

Truly successful companies have a clear Vision for their Future, their employees all buy into the company’s Mission (the difference it wants to make for its customers) and they’re aware of the Strategy that the company is pursuing to get there.

There’s a shared sense of Company Values that are reflected in how the staff behave towards each other and their suppliers, clients, customers and competitors, and everyone in the company believes in its ethos and strives to do their best because they feel a pride in belonging.

Whether you’re a one-man-band or running a company of up to 50 people, I’ve designed Colour In Your Business to help you recapture your original passion for your business, and ensure that you and your team are united in your efforts to take the business further.

First off is the The Colour In Your Business Basic Package. This is aimed at sole traders and other one-man-bands and gives you personal, online coaching on topics including Vision creation, the difference between strategies and plans, how to construct SMART objectives and effective goal setting. You’ll get access to a new module every fortnight, although you can take as long as you like to complete them. Every month you’ll also get a one hour telephone coaching session with me, which you can use to work on the module you’re working on, or any other aspect of your business. This package costs just £97 per month, which is much less than my hourly rate for business clients.

If you want something more, I have the Colour In Your Business: Culture & Values Package. This programme is designed for owners of SMEs with more than 5 employees and will take you through everything that the Basics Package offers, plus the process of defining your corporate values and your corporate culture and ethos. You’ll learn how and why it’s essential to include your staff in this process, and how to do so effectively.On top of that,every month you’ll also get 2 hours of live, personal coaching with me, on the phone or via skype. We can use that session to go into real depth on whichever modules you’ve been working on that month, so that you get real value for money.
This package costs just £337 per month.

And finally, the Full Monty: The Colour In Your Business Executive Package gives you everything that the Culture and Values package gives you,
PLUS every month you’ll also get a face-to-face 2 hour executive coaching session with me – I’ll meet you at your headquarters or wherever else is convenient for you and if you’re in the UK my travel costs are included in the cost of the package,
PLUS a bespoke, day-long workshop for you and your staff to help you to bring your organisational culture and values to life.
This package costs just £477 per month

With all of these packages you get a FREE 14 day trial so you can see what it’s about – if you decide it’s not for you at the end of that time, you can cancel your subscription. And if you do choose to keep your subscription going, you can still cancel it at any time – it’s entirely up to you.

If you’d like to give it a try, just click on the link for the package that best suits your needs. You’ll be asked to register for a Jigsawbox account (Jigsawbox is the software I’ve used to create these packages), and you’ll be asked for your credit card details before being given access to your free trial. The reason for this is that I’ve found that if I don’t ask people to make a firm commitment, they tend not to use their free trial period, and I think that’s a shame. Even if you cancel when your 14 days are up, if you’ve used the package in that time I guarantee you’ll have got something useful out of it. And I guarantee that, once you’ve given me your credit card details, you’ll DEFINITELY give it a try!

If you’re still not sure, then why not sign up for my free teleseminar on June 24th, when I’ll be explaining all about how online coaching works and introducing you to my other packages (for Mums and Students)

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