Preparing for take-off

I’m having THE most exciting time!

  • I’ve seen the first draft of my new website (www.colourinyourthinking, coming soon!) which looks like it’s going to be amazing;
  • I’ve started on the process of getting some webvideos made (that Christine Bleakley earns every penny she’s paid – it’s not as easy as it looks!!);
  • I’ve set up Facebook Groups for MumMy Time, Colour In Your Future and Colour In Your Thinking;
  • I’ve got online coaching packages for Colour In Your Business and MumMy Time ready to go; and
  • I’ve started on a series of interviews with people that inspire me, that I’ll be releasing as podcasts so you can listen in and pick up some top tips too.

I’ve had to pull myself back from getting too focussed on doing stuff and forgetting why I was doing it, but one major foul-up this week was a really useful wake-up call to remember that I’m doing all of this so I can help other people – to do that, I need to concentrate on making sure that everything I do is done to the best of my ability and with my ideal client in mind – it’s not about me!

So today I’m focussing on creating an interesting, attractive display for the Ladies that Lunch Exhibition taking place in the Orangery at Blenheim Palace tomorrow. My aim is to have conversations that make a real, positive difference to at least 10 visitors during the day: Bring It ON!

5 responses to “Preparing for take-off

  1. Good luck with the exhibition tomorrow – I’m sure you will be FABULOUS, as always!

    Eli xx

  2. Well done Cathy, your passion is flying along with the colours. Best of luck with all your new ventures and may your energy be forever abundant.
    Love and tapping Di xxx

  3. I love reading each entry in this blog, it is so very inspirational!

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