Looking for the positives

My lovely friend Diana is 96 – I’ve mentioned her before and pretty soon she’s going to feature as one of my inspirational interviewees. She’s very frail and in constant pain as various bits of her wear out. Her eyesight is rapidly deteriorating, her hearing is very dodgy and she finds this summer’s heat very difficult to cope with. She’s not enjoying being pretty much housebound and doesn’t understand why her Dear Lord has kept her alive for so long – “He must have a purpose, I just wish I knew what it was” she says.

I know what His purpose is – He’s using her as an example to the rest of us. Diana is the most loving, positive, philosophical, open-minded person I know. Despite the fact that she’s so infirm and feeling so unwell, she’s always looking out for ways to help others. She very much wants to find a way to help and support my friend who was widowed recently ( Diana herself was widowed during the war) even though they’ve never met, as she knows some of what my friend is experiencing and wants to reach out to her.

Diana never remarried, and has instead devoted her life to helping others and seeking the positive in every situation. Although a devout Christian she never closed her mind to other faiths or indeed other ideas of spirituality – one of her dearest friends was a medium and a healer.

Diana knows that, when her Dear Lord finally decides that enough’s enough, she’ll be going to a better place and she’ll be reunited with all those people that she’s loved and lost along the way. In the meantime, she serves as an inspiration to the many people who know and love her, and an example of how we all could be if we chose to look for the good in every situation, and to accept with grace the misfortunes and dark times that will, inevitably come our way.

How often do you look for the positive, and allow yourself to really appreciate it?

And how often, when things aren’tgoing the way you’d like them to, do you rail against the injustice of it all and wish that things were different?

Next time things go wrong, ask yourself what the positive message might be for you in your situation – you may not believe in a higher power that has an unknowable purpose for you, but if you can take an objective view of your own situation you may be surprised at the positives you start to see.

One response to “Looking for the positives

  1. So true, we sometimes forget that we are here for others…no point in being here just for yourself, that would be very lonely!

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