Feedback from Success Triangle Workshop, 21 July 2010

Over 4 hours yesterday morning, I took 5 small-business owners through the basics of business planning, using my Success Triangle as an easy tool to create a 3-page business plan that will get used on a daily basis to drive their businesses forward. We stripped the essentials right back to the bone and demystified the process – and everyone went away determined to put their new plans into action straight away. Here are some of their comments:

  • excellent and thought provoking
  • a colourful and entertaining approach to a dull subject, well delivered
  • an inspiring workshop, I will put the plan into action
  • great morning, you’ve set me on track and given me lots of food for thought

I’ll be running this workshop again in the future, and I’m thinking of renaming it “Businss Planning for the Bewildered”

6 responses to “Feedback from Success Triangle Workshop, 21 July 2010

  1. Sounds fantastic – especially the bit about using the business plan on a daily basis; that’s how I really think it should be! It’s so important for small business owners that they can really get “fired up” by their business plan.
    I’m delivering a workshop in September based on my own take on business planning – it’s called Big Picture Planning for Business, and is a creative / visual planning tool, for the more right-brained amongst us. There’s an ebook of my business plan on my website – would love to know what you think.

    • Well now, how interesting – talk about great minds thinking alike! I’m in the middle of working up something very similar (although not for business planning purposes) as I’ve used this technique before and found it really effective – particularly with people who spend all their time doing very left-brain stuff. If you can get them to trust you enough to give it a try, it’s astonishing how liberating they find it (sometimes almost against their will!). Good luck with yours, I’ll send you the details of mine when it’s ready to see the light…

  2. It sounds like you had a great morning and I can imagine that you do make it more exciting than the usual business planning paraphenalia! That disc that the bank give you is enough to make you want to go and lie in a darkened room for a week with cucmbers on your eyes. So well done for jazzing up the thinking and the processes and being called inspiring….I might even be brave enough to give it a go! Keep me posted of future events…

  3. I’m planning the next one even as we speak – when would suit you?

  4. Towards the end of the year when the weather is depressing me and we can have a smilie sunny morning being inspired!

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