Magic Carpet Rides & Being The New Girl In Class

I had a VERY exciting day on Monday.

I got up unfeasibly early (it was still dark! I KNOW!!!) and went to the beating heart of the metropolis – Mayfair, dontcha know, just off Berkely Square to be exact. I strongly suspect that no-one has heard a Nightingale singing there for a VERY long time, but you can certainly smell the money oozing from the brickwork of all the wealth management companies around there.

My destination was equally lovely – The Naval Club – and what more fitting a venue could there be for a bunch of coaches, giving that, in some peoples’ eyes, we spend our lives getting other people to spend all their time gazing at their own navals…

Anyway, I was there to meet up with a bunch of Associate Executive Coaches, aka “People Changers” from a company called Unlimited Potential because, I’m very proud to say, I have been invited to become one of their number.


Isn’t it funny how often validation from someone else can make you more confident in your own skills and gifts? I know I’m a good coach, my clients tell me so (some of them are even kind enough to use words like “awesome” and “great” and “wonderful” but I’m far too British to describe myself in that way).

But having seen the quality of the other coaches on Unlimited Potential’s books, and then met some of them, and now becoming part of the team has felt like a real vindication of who I am and what I do.

The best part of the day was undoubtedly the afternoon, when we got to coach each other. It was lovely to get some enormously positive feedback on my own coaching style from my fellow professionals (apparently I’m “strong, confident and very challenging, but in a playful way that means the challenge isn’t scary”) and the bestest bestest bit was when my coach took me on a marvellous, magical mystery tour of the inside of my own mind, and helped me to unlock a whole new door in there!!

If you read my last post you’ll know about my Epiphany. If you didn’t go and read it now. I’ll just sit here and sprinkle some Fairy Dust around while you’re gone.

Welcome back!

So, now you know about my Epiphany and my realisation that my niche markets aren’t really my niche markets at all, and how important Magic Carpets and Fairy Dust are, and how I like to do things a little differently. I wanted some coaching to help me to get to grips with things that I think are really deadly and boring and routine, because I have a world-class ability to put off doing anything that feels to me like a routine.

So what did we do? We took all sorts of flights of fancy because that’s what I like and my coach was fabulously adept at helping me to follow them. At one point there were two little demons leaping up and down on my shoulders encouraging me into what at first appeared to be bad ways, but which, it turns out, might not be bad ways after all.

And here’s what I’m going to be doing over the next few months as a result of that coaching session:

First off, I’m going to be completely rewriting my Colour In Your Business online coaching packages. You can still sign up for them if what you’re after is a tradional approach to business planning with a little bit of my unique colourful Fairy Dust. Far be it from me to want to put you off paying me for something, I have bank managers to keep happy after all!!

But I’m going to be developing a completely different kind of business coaching package, one that’s aimed more at people like me – people who maybe feel shackled by the standard approach to business, and would like to find a free-er, more creative way of going about things.

I’m going to be doing some research before I plunge in, so that I can make sure that, when it’s ready, the new package will blow your socks off and help you towards the success you deserve with your business.

My research will start with The Work We Were Born To Do by Nick Wlliams and then after that, who knows?

I need your help here – if you know of any good blogs or books or techniques that take a radically different approach to business then I want you to let me know about them. I’m particularly interested to know more about the non-Western approach to business so please share whatever you know with me, so that I can share it with everyone else.

So – here I go on my own Magic Carpet Ride – I’m thinking of adopting this as my theme tune – what do you think?

2 responses to “Magic Carpet Rides & Being The New Girl In Class

  1. I would love to do business in a more creative way, where it’s not all about selling, selling selling, although this is important, I know – we all have to make a living after all. However, it’s equally important to be passionate about your business to the extent that others believe in it just as much as you do – this I think is what is missing from current marketing strategies as we all fall into the usual trends, or even the new trends that are variations of the usual trends. It always feels like we’re selling ourselves short instead of promoting the value of our business…! I look forward to hearing about your new coaching package with great enthusiasm!

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