Praying for a Miracle follow-up

Firstly, thank you to everyone that read my previous post and got in touch. This world is so full of love and compassion, it’s such a shame that it doesn’t get reflected on a national scale and in the media etc.

As you may have read from my very brief follow-up comments, there was no happy ending and the individual in question died almost exactly 20 years after her brother. I hadn’t seen her for around 17 years and I was surprised by the strength of my feelings but mostly I was grieving for the terrible waste of a life and imagining the horror her parents must be living through at the moment.

If you are reading this, can I ask you please to take some time out of your day today to pray, or chant, or practice a loving kindness meditation, or send some reiki or other form of healing for them? This family is so much in need of healing and love at the moment.

I won’t blog again on this subject as it’s not really my story and not my grief but thank you all for your compassion.

2 responses to “Praying for a Miracle follow-up

  1. My heart goes out to the parents and relatives, we all have grief to bear at times in our lives but we still go on.
    If I can help please let me know.
    I think we should all remember ‘In your grief remember those that are bereaved’

  2. Di, if you can tap for them, please do. Thanks x

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