I’ve Got It! I’ve Got It!!!

And now I’m going to share it with you, how fabby is THAT?!

A couple of posts back I said I was going to go away and do some thinking and some reading, and then come back with a whole new sort of business planning.

Well I did.  At some points I was thinking so hard that I had to stick my tongue out (I have it on good scientific authority that the reason we do this is to allow a little bit of extra space for our brains to expand into, although I expect Ben Goldacre would find fault with that argument…)

Anyway, I worked and I read and I thought and I scribbled. It got so bad that last weekend I woke up at 5:30 on Saturday morning and my head was so full of ideas that I couldn’t get back to sleep.  I was obviously Thinking Very Loudly because my lovely hsband got up, made me a cup of tea so I wouldn’t have to think on an empty stomach, and then went back to sleep himself.

I am a very lucky woman.

So, anyway, the upshot of all this thinking is what I like to call Business Planning With Added Fairy Dust, and here is an appropriate fanfare to signal its creation (it will help if you can mentally insert the phrase “Business Planning With Added Fairy Dust” into the lyric wherever possible)…

So there you are, that’s how excited I am about it and now that I’ve cleared up after the crowds and the elephants (my dear, the Noise, the People!!) I can tell you what’s so different about my kind of business planning.

Well first off, having spent FAR too long in the Civil Service, I do know something about business planning – enough to know that it’s a useful thing to know about AND that it can lead to an awful lot of wasted time and people cringing in corners at the very mention of it.

And I know that lots and lots of people are filled with dread at the prospect of having to write a business plan, and feel like failures as a result. This is often down to the fact that their natural way of working is completely at odds with the way standard business planning practices would have you behave.

So for example if you’re the type of person that doesn’t like being tied down to plans but prefers to work on gut instinct, just the use of the word “plan” could bring you out in hives.

Well I don’t see any need for cringing, dread or hives, so I’ve replaced all of them with Fairy Dust.

On top of that, traditional business planning stuff is all based on military strategy, so it’s all about crushing the enemy (ie your competitors) and working out well in advance which bit of ground you’re aiming to capture and so on.

Fine for some people, but what if that’s not you?

What if you’ve set up a business because you genuinely love what you do and want to share it with other people? If that’s you it can feel very alien to suddenly be expected to base everything around sales forecasts that feel like works of fiction and that, in any case, put money at the heart of what you do, when actually it’s not your raison d’etre?

So my nifty new Colour In Your Business packages do the following things:

  1. Explain in very simple English exactly what words like Mission, Vision, Strategy, Plan and Objectives mean, and why they are useful.
  2. Provide you with support as you work out your own Mission and Vision (which will in itself make a massively positive difference to your level of self-confidence) and identify your ideal and nightmare clients.
  3. Help you to understand your own personal values and decide on the values that you want your business to based around
  4. Enable you to explore and understand your own personal working style, work out how to be most effective within your own style, and then design ways of running your business that play to those strengths

Did you get the last one? The last one is the one that makes all the difference, because it puts YOU and HOW YOU OPERATE at the heart of how you choose to run your business.

I speak to so many people who think there’s something wrong with them because they don’t “get” the way you’re “supposed” to run a business, and I think I’ve got the answer.

You are the beating heart of your business, so why not make it suit you, rather than the other way round?

If you’re at all interested in this, then I would be delighted to invite you round to my place to see what’s on offer (the website blurb hasn’t quite caught up with this yet, but the coaching packages are all ready to go)

And if you’re not interested in business coaching but you’ve still managed to read this far, this is for you to say thank you for not going away. Enjoy!

Do take a second to subscribe to this, my lovely blog, sign up for my newsletter and please add your comments below cos I want to know what you’re thinking. You don’t even have to comment on this post, I just want to know what you’re thinking.  Right now. I’m  coach, you know, that means that I have a right to know what you’re thinking, it’s in the rules!

2 responses to “I’ve Got It! I’ve Got It!!!

  1. Oh so entertaining…and by the way…how did you get inside my head and know exactly what I was thinking…hmmmm! And how did you know I’m trying to make my business suit me rather than rule me, ah ha your fairy dust must be magic!!
    I’d love to come round to your place, pity you’re so far away!
    Keep up the good work, love it!
    Sarah xx

    • Ah, well, by the magic of the Internet, you don’t have to come to my place, we can work together online if you like! Am looking forward to coming to your place in February though – will I need to buy long johns? xx

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