Fairy Dust RULES!!

Well, here I am at the Business Mums Conference 2010 in Brighton, surrounded by highly enthusiastic, supportive, smiley, engaging women all having a fabulous day!

The exhibition is amazing, with loads of beautiful and interesting stalls all womanned by women (obviously!) who are proud of their businesses and passionate about what they do.

My Fairy Dust is going down very well – I’m giving away free bottles to everyone that signs up for my newsletter list and I’ve discovered that offering extra bottles to anyone with small daughters is a good ploy 🙂

I also have loose Fairy Dust in a crystal bowl so I’m annointing as many people as I can get hold of – a dab of Fairy Dust on your 3rd eye gives you sparkly thoughts for the rest of the day, you know! I’ve noticed ladies starting to drag their friends over to get Fairy Dusted-up so I’m really glad I brought it with me.

My branding is also proving to be really effective – apparently I’m one of very few people that actually looks like their photo on things like Twitter and Facebook, so people already know me when they get here, which is fantastic.

I’m focussing on MumMy Time and Colour In Your Business today, along with my True Colours VIP Transformation Programme, and I’m getting a great deal of interest. I’ve had some lovely chats with women who recognise completely where I’m coming from and what I’m doing and I’ve made some very useful connections that may well lead to some interesting developments in the future, so hurrah!

There’s such a happy, positive buzz here today, it’s very unlike other exhibitions I’ve attended (although I guess I’m measuring it really against the HRD conference I used to go to, which always felt like ENORMOUSLY hard work – maybe it was just too big for its own good?)

This is on a more intimate scale and has that supportive, inclusive feel that a lot of women-only events have which is just lovely. And as if by magic, someone’s just given me a “stress cupcake”!

Right, I’m off to look round the other stalls now but I’ll leave you with a couple of questions:

1. If you were asked to appear at an exhibition to talk about the life you were meant to live, what would you say?

2. How would your life have to change from how it is now to enable you to start living the life you were meant to live?

I’d love to know your answers so please add your comments below.

One response to “Fairy Dust RULES!!

  1. Glad you are having a good time, I love Brighton…or I did in the 60’s..!!!
    In answer to your questions….1) I would explain to everyone that life is always good when you remember it’s good. And never to stop learning and changing. That how you get to be 66 and plus… still loving the work you do.
    2) I am doing the work that I am meant to do NOW and if you are not then make what you ARE doing the work that you LOVE ..NOW!

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