To Dream the Impossible Dream

OK lovely reader, I’d like your help. I know you’re out there reading this because I can see my blog stats gradually increasing and sometimes one of you will make a comment either here or on Facebook or Twitter, or occasionally (as happened this morning) in the supermarket while I’m deciding whether I need any melons (Hello Bev!)

The comments I get let me know that you like what I have to say, you find it helpful and you think I deserve to succeed (Thank you Mr Cater!).

Well good, cos I do too!

Today I came across something called Creating the Impossible, a 30-day programme which encourages you to set yourself an impossible goal and then work towards achieving it for 30 days. I found myself strangely excited at the prospect so I signed up on the spot.

I’ve downloaded the workbook and listened to the first of the daily calls. I’ve joined the online community of other “Impossiblers” all working towards achieving their impossible goals, and I’ve started making a list of 100 actions I could take that would help me to achieve my impossible goal.

I’ve committed to taking at least one small action and one big action every day for the next 30 days and I’m going to hold myself to account by blogging every day to let you know what I’ve done, how it went and what I plan to do the next day.

So what’s my impossible goal, I hear you cry? It’s this:

I want to achieve a regular income that brings in as much each month as I used to earn in a year, and I want a good work/life balance as well.

How’s that for a Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal? I feel a bit sick and greedy even just typing it and admitting it in public, but that’s kind of the point.

Ordinarily I would think that an income like that is way beyond someone like “little old me” but you know what?

There is no such thing as “little old me”.

There’s no such thing as “little old you”, either, so here’s what I’d like:

  • if you’re a lurker on this blog, please comment here (rather than on Facebook or Twitter or in the supermarket) and let me know that I have your support – cos I’m going to need it!
  • if you know of someone else you think would like to read my blog, send them a link and ask them to say hi in the comments for this post
  • if you don’t see me posting daily, ask me why not – hold me to account
  • give me ideas for what actions I could take (big or small) to achieve my impossible goal – I’m supposed to come up with 100 and so far I can only think of 60 – although I just realised that blogging about my progress every day is number 61!
  • Sign up and join in – set yourself your own impossible goal!

Today’s actions were:

Write this blog (small)

Tidy my office (oh, SO big…)

Tomorrow’s actions will be:

Respond to everyone that comments on this post

Get 20 new sign ups for my mailing list (if you want to help out, you can subscribe from this page)

(I’m not sure which of these is big and which is small, to be honest…maybe I’ll know by the timeI’ve done them!)

I may not achieve my goal in 30 days but I’m going to have a damn good try at going stratospheric with this business because after all –

if I’m bringing in half-a-million quid a year, I’m going to be helping a huge number of people make a massive improvement to their quality of life, and that’s what this is REALLY all about.

So – if you wanna be in my gang, please sign up below!

Love and Fairy Dust


67 responses to “To Dream the Impossible Dream

  1. Well done Cathy,I am still with you xxx

  2. Hey I wanna be in your gang. Well done you! Sounds like a fabulous idea. I would love to join in too but already committed to 30 days in Nov. for Na No Wri Mo. Maybe later. Will be watching your progress with glee though and have every confidence you will achieve your dream – which will no longer be impossible. Go girl! xxx

  3. Well done you…a long time ago someone said to me, reach for the stars and you’ll get to the trees. Go for it! xx

  4. Thanks Lisa – I’m going to make sure that if I only reach trees, they’re at least Giant Redwoods!

  5. Nicely done!!! I’m here from Creating the Impossible (where I read your direction to here)!

    Hopefully you can join us on the action day calls and share this with those people!!!

    Way to be in ACTION!!!

    • Thanks Jim, and welcome aboard. I have some catching up to do but I’m going to make it to as many action days as I can. Good luck with your goal, I guess you’re nearly half-way through now!

  6. I’m with you! All power to you!

    • Hi Emma, all power to all of us 🙂 How’s the baby-cooking coming along?

      • Cooking away nicely, thanks. It’s getting on for a year since you left work, isn’t it? Amazing. Quite a lot’s changed for me in that time, and all good!

        Not least, there is now slightly more space in my living room since my lovely husband transferred an Xbox 360 to your lovely husband :p so now we just have the one. Which is better. And shedloads of games…

      • No!!! I didn’t realise it was your xbox!! Imagine how much LESS space we now have, with piggin 360 games all over the floor! Why if it hadn’t of been for you meddling kids…..
        It’s just over I year since I put my notice in (Oct 9th, oh happy day!) but my last day in harness was NOvember 27th. Not that the dates are engraved on my brain or anything…once you’re on maternity leave and my 30 day mission is completed let’s meet up and swap stories! xx

      • Ooh! Didn’t know you’d replied, soz. I ticked the Notify Me By Email button, and it DIDN’T! Naughty. Or maybe it didn’t get through the spam filter.

        Would be lovely to meet up, even before I go on m/l. I won’t be in Chelt as much afterwards. You may be able to help me make some difficult decisions actually…

  7. Little goals – modest achievements. Audacious goals – famous victories. Go for it Cathy!

  8. Hi Cathy

    You have inspired me to set my goal impossible goal! Thank you very much for the inspiration. I look forward to reading of your progress

    Best Wishes


  9. I will definitely support you in this goal and will read the website myself when I get a moment post-JFK security!

  10. Woo hoo – another BIG thinker! Congratualtions, Cathy, and you go girl!

    My ‘impossible’ dream is to have my own TV show – the UK version of Oprah – so watch this space.

    Jools x

  11. I have an impossible goal: I want to sell 10,000 copies of my novel. Maybe I should join in… I’ll certainly cheer you on! 🙂

  12. Wow – I’m right behind you (as well you know). I have every faith that you can do this – you’re already well on your way! Good luck, Fairy Godmother!

    Eli xxxx

  13. Hi Cath,
    you are so inspirational. Am with you all the way!

  14. Well I’ll be following this with interest! Good luck and make sure you keep us updated. Oh and if you manage it in 30 days, do I get commission on your half-million a year for cheering you on??

  15. I’m on the programme too Cathy. What’s the risk you are going to take after listening to MN’s recent comments on the subject?

    • Hello! Fancy seeing you here, how nice 🙂 I started late so I’ve only listened to the first 3 days’ worth but I’ve taken what feels like 2 HUGE risks today – tonight’s post will reveal all! Good luck with your goal, let me know if I can help in any way.

  16. It must be working cos I keep reading it don’t I.
    I hope you are finding all this replying and blogging easier in you nice tidy office (you must have been working very late yesterday). Let me know how soon you reach that 100 target. See you in the morning.

  17. Well done you Cathy – I can feel your enthusiasm and lust for life bouncing through my computer screen – I would love to meet you in person you sound a very inspiring lady. Looking forward to hearing how you get on. Sue x

  18. Loughton in Essex. I’m sure we’ll meet up one day! x

  19. Go Cathy!
    Sounds fantastic, I will be there with you on your 30 days. A great goal.
    I love the idea of “Creating the Impossible” maybe I will pick it up another time. I think I will be busy enough Colouring in my Business with you Cathy and I think that will be plenty revolutionary for me for now.

    • Thanks Mandy! I can’t quite believe how brave I’m being today, my heart is currently going like the clappers – look out for tonight’s blog cos this has been one heck of a day…

  20. It’s the ‘secret’ Cathy, believe it & you can do it. I’d like to chat more about this next time I see you. I’ve got 3 new lady visitors for Marlborough on Tuesday if you fancy trecking a bit further along the A419??

  21. Cathy,
    I am so full of admiration for what you are going to do – I would love to be in your gang – time is my big problem as you know. But since meeting you last week I have already started to take some pretty big risks with my new venture – The Tin of Sin – and am now on course to sell treble what I have sold over the past month!
    Good luck hun,
    Am with you all the way
    Laura x

    • Welcome to the gang Laura! I’m just learning how to counter the “I don’t have time” argument, so I’ll be right back atcha in a couple of days 🙂 Fantastic news about your Tin of Sin, keep at it! It’sa fabulous idea and it deserves to succeed xxxx

  22. Cathy, It was good to catch up with you this morning. Your zest for life is inspirational. Good luck and all success to you!! I shall watch your undaoubted progress with much interest. You go girl!! Marjorie xx

  23. You go for it girl! I’m with all the way. I’d heard about this programme, but I’d already set myself a huge goal of filling my Platinum Marketing Programme by the end of the first week in November. This is a BIG deal for me and is a massive step forward to where I want to be. Scared? Terrified? You bet, but I have my eyes focused on the result I want! (This whilst already having a packed diary, and now having to squeeze extra things into it to promote it!!…and I haven’t even got an info page for it yet..hey ho.).
    See you at the top!

  24. Now your motoring Cathy! Consistent daily actions lead to the best results & after the first few weeks you will see that its true but keeping looking forward & don’t look back.
    See you soon, if I can get away from my demanding number 1 client!

  25. Go for it Cathy. Good luck 😉

  26. Well if anyone can do it, you can! Good luck – there’s lots of people cheering you on..

  27. Watching with interest Cathy!

  28. Hi Cathy,

    Amazing. Wonderful. Exciting.

    You are doing great things and I’m very proud of you!



  29. Well done Cathy, for this inspirational post – you are so full of colour and panache that I can’t help joining in!
    Love Stella (barbarysolutions supporter…)

  30. Well, I managed it! And you will be glad to know that I will be supporting you all the way. If anyone can achieve a goal, that one is YOU. Very proud.

  31. Hoorah Cathy! Yes I’m working on work 3 days play for 2 – maybe set up a Franchise? Associated coaches of colourful…? Am asking the universe for ideas for you! Sounds great – will read your prgress with glee. Yes more glee! Vickix

    • Hoorah back Vicki! Franchising is an interesting idea, very interesting (am now stroking my chin in a pensive and possibly slightly menacing manner…). Thanks for the idea, I shall add it to the list xx

  32. Well! You’ve already done the impossible – getting me to comment to a blog!!! But you are so inspirational how could I not? Cathy, I’m with you all the way and am cheering you on, listen… Go girl!
    Love and Furry Dust xx

  33. Thanks so much for redirecting me to your blog 🙂 amazing how Walt Disney can bring a smile to everyones face. I think what you are doing is superb and wish you luck and immense success!


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