Achieving the Impossible, Day 2

Wow, what a response! Thank you guys, so much!!!!!!

My blog stats have gone through the roof and it’s so lovely to know I have my own gang of cheerleaders – sooner or later we’ll all get together and I’ll buythe pompoms!

Yesterday I set myself some actions that were, when I came to look at them in the cold light of day, frankly petty crap. They were the product of my old way of thinking and they were keeping my ambitions small.

So I got rid of them and decided that I was going to take Michael Neill’s advice from the first 3 days of the programme, and I was going to

  • overwhelm my goal, treat it as if it was a puny little thing and give it a good kicking
  • make a list of 20 things I wanted and ask for help to get them and,
  • pretend that whatever I do It Just Doesn’t Matter

Now bear in mind that I was out networking all morning and I didn’t get started here today until around 1pm, and it’s now only 3:21pm and so far I have:

  • faced my fears and made arrangements to move away from my current web team to work with someone who can give me the support I need
  • emailed my entire mailing list to ask for their support (the number of subscribers is dropping rapidly but that’s good cos it means that the ones that are left are REALLY keen)
  • decided to stop offering face-to-face coaching and concentrate purely on my online packages
  • decided to change how I approach my marketing and put the wheels in motion for that
  • started to clear my diary so I can focus on the next 30 days
  • taken steps to delay the start of my VIP programme to give myself more time to fill the places, and
  • I can’t believe I’ve done this BUT….I’ve spent the last couple of months thinking “if I was really brave I’d ask Naomi Dunford, aka ittybiz, to take me on and help me make my business into a mega success. But I couldn’t do that, it’s only little old me”. Well as I established yesterday, there’s no such thing as “little old me” any more so – I emailed her and asked her to help me build a MILLION POUND BUSINESS! She’s in Canada so I guess she’s not awake yet, so I’m waiting with baited breath for her to reply. I’ll let you know what she says…

I now have a huge list of things to do and I’m getting more bold as every minute passes. This is SUCH a fantastic feeling, I can’t tell you how alive I feel right now!

Thanks again for your support, I’ll be back tomorrow with more monsters slain and more actions taken.

Love and Fairy Dust, Cathy

10 responses to “Achieving the Impossible, Day 2

  1. Way to go girl!! Just hope when you change your way of marketing you don’t stop the blogs cos they really give be a boost :)) Woo hoo, can’t wait for tomorrows installment……….. xx

  2. You’re amazing. Nuff said.

  3. Go girl!
    On the bus today I started making a “what if I was doing this?” list… I’m up to 25 / 100 steps to take.

  4. Hi Cathy,
    I love the way your confidence today is oozing through… go get the pompoms!

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