Achieving the Impossible, Day 3

Hello cheerleaders, the Pompoms are on order and the batons will be here in a couple of weeks. It’s lovely seeing my own enthusiasm mirrored by so many of you, and it’s even more lovely to see that I seem to be propelling some of you to take the same sort of approach towards achieving your own goals, wahay!!

I did a very useful exercise yesterday that one of the other Impossibleers suggested and it had an amazing, galvanizing effect on me. It’s very easy to do and so I wanted to share it with you guys because it’s a really good way to work out what’s blocking you from moving forward with things.

What you do is think about what you want to achieve, and then write out the beginnings of two sentences as follows:

I want to achieve x because…

I want to achieve x but….

Then you write down as many endings to those two sentences as possible and see what you notice.

I’m going to share with you what I wrote and what effect it had on me because I want you to see very clearly that there’s really nothing different about me – I’m not doing anything here that you couldn’t so if my example spurs you on then that’s fantastic. I’m having to take a deep breath as I write this because it’s personal stuff and I felt ashamed of myself as I was writing some of these things yesterday, but here goes:

I want a million-pound business because…

  • I want to be debt-free forever
  • it will boost my self-esteem
  • it will raise my profile
  • it will help lots of people
  • I’ll get lots and lots of the buzz I get when a client makes a breakthrough
  • it will prove to me that I’m doing the right thing
  • it will stop me from having to get a job
  • it will make me feel successful

I want a million-pound business but…

  • I don’t know how
  • I’m afraid my motives aren’t pure
  • what if I can’t cope?
  • I also want time to myself
  • I don’t know how to close a deal
  • I don’t know if I’ve made what I do clear enough
  • I wonder if I’m looking for clients in the right places?
  • I’m ignoring my gut instinct
  • I’m thinking too small
  • I’ve been holding myself back

I then added my own bit on the end, which was “If I was brave, I would…

I uncovered a real battle going on inside me around money or, more specifically, about MAKING money. There was a Gremlin rumbling away telling me that I shouldn’t be in it for the money and that what I do is about helping people and that should be my primary motivator, and therefore it’s Wrong and Bad of me to want to build a million pound business.

And then there was another voice (one that actually looks and sounds a lot like Gok Wan, now I come to think of it) saying “You GO for it, Girlfriend! You do SO deserve the clothes and the shoes and the houses and the shoes and the holidays in the sun and the shoes and all the other stuff…and the shoes…”

And as I saw those things written down I had a moment of Epiphany and, for the first time, I actually BELIEVED the things I said the other day: when I’m making a million pounds, doing what I do best and what I was put on this planet to do, then I will be helping VAST numbers of people to get hold of their lives by the scruff of the neck and turn them into something FABULOUS. And the sum total of all that potential and happiness unleashed upon the world will be UTTERLY AWESOME.

Imagine it – a million pounds’ worth of happy, fulfilled people, dancing around waving Pompoms and sprinkling the world with Fairy Dust.

Imagine if all the worlds’ newspaper proprietors and editors suddenly became focussed on happiness, fulfilment and joyousness – wouldn’t you want to rush out and buy their papers?

Imagine if CNN, the BBC, Al-Jazeera, ITN etc etc all decided that the most important thing they could do was to bring us stories like the Chilean Miners’ Rescue EVERY SINGLE DAY! Wouldn’t you want to stay tuned in to the news to see more spontaneous eruptions of joy?

If you’d got your own special Pompoms and Fairy Dust and you wanted nothing more than to share them with the rest of the world, like I do, wouldn’t you want to leap out of bed and get to work every day, so you could share that feeling with as many people as possible?

Well THAT’s what I’m talking about!!!

I want EVERYONE to feel as excitedabout their life as I feel about mine and that’s now my life’s work. When someone does some work for me, I expect to pay them for it. If they’re a specualist in their field and they do really good work, then Iexpect to pay them well for it. It’s a mark of respect for their skills as much as anything else. So why have I been thinking that I’m not due the same tokens of respect?


Once I’d had the epiphany, all the stuff about not following my gut instinct and playing too small fell away, and it’s now no longer a case of “If I was brave I woud…”, it’s “I AM brave, so I will…”

I’ve not had much working time today but I have:

  • stepped back  from the leadership role I had taken on with my networking group. I’ll still go along ot hte odd meeting but it’s going to take much less prominence in my marketing strategy
  • engaged a lovely man to revamp, reenergise and refine my website and blog into a single entity that will allow me to build the business as I need to do, and focus on working online with my clients
  • taken steps to get a dedicated land-line for the business rather than relying on my dodgy mobile

I’m also going to rewrite my biog details andmake what I do and why I do it MUCH clearer so that someone coming across me for the first time will be able to “get” me instantly.

I told you yesterday that I’d asked Naomi Dunford to take me on as a client. I’ve just had an email from her ninjas telling me she’s not taking any more individual clients this year but you know what?

Maybe what I actually needed was the courage to ASK for her help in the first place – at the moment I feel like having got over THAT hurdle, the sky’s the limit from here on in….

Got to go now, it’s my Parents’ 60th Wedding Anniversary today so we’re off to see them. I hope you all have or had a Mum and Dad as lovely as mine. See you tomorrow!


19 responses to “Achieving the Impossible, Day 3

  1. Cathy you really are so sweet and make me feel really proud of you and very inspired by you. I love your take on life and I am determined to be as positive as you are, thank you. Keep up the good work and remember, I’m keeping my eye on you haha ;0) xx

  2. Very inspirational as usually Cathy!

    I think for anyone attaining goals whether you’re a business or just a person, you really need to see it in black and white on paper or computer screen. It makes it so much more real and attainable.

    In this day and age where the majority of things are virtual: friends, networking, income (just numbers in your bank account on the computer screen), etc. we need to see it in front of us.

    Great idea! I think I’ll be adding some notes to my bulletin board. 🙂 Cheers!

  3. Cathy what a lot to go through in one half a day. I am really excited for you and cheer you on with pompoms that have sparkly bits in. Can’t wait to see how tomorrow goes and the next day and……. etc. I am preparing myself to have some of your wonderful enthusiasm rub off on me. Congratulations to your parents. x

  4. Another well done….and don’t forget, now you have lost your fear, that good PR will help to propel you along. You are now standing with your head above the parapet, be very proud, v v v proud of yourself!!! Love and White Witching Wisdom for you xx

    • Oh I’m so proud I’m bordering on Smug, but I shall keep myself in check! Is it wrong and bad of me to have had a picture of Marvellous Mad Madam Mim pop into my head when thinking of White Witching Wisdom? xxx

  5. Have a great evening 🙂 And thanks for sharing your list, I have similar money/motivation issues (money doesn’t motivate me beyond having ‘enough’ to live off, but it can be a useful measure, and I’ve struggled with that).

    • We are not alone – I think the whole world has money issues! Sometimes I find it easier to think of money as chickens. All money really is, is some pieces of paper and metal that are easier to carry around and swap with people than chickens – you can keep a handful of loose change on your bedside table for emergenciers, but you wouldn’t want to keep a handful of loose chickens there. Once you think of it as chickens (or goats, or cabbages, or whatever else people used to use for barter) it suddenly loses all the power and importance we invest it with. You can’t live without chickens and goats and cabbages because you’d starve to death, so what’s wrong with bartering your skills for chickens? And if you’re really, really good at what you do, what’s wrong with lots of people wanting to give you lots of chickens and goats and cabbages? Simple logic, really….

      • The chicken analogy made me giggle – but you’re so right. I understand pricing from a business perspective, but when it gets personal it gets a lot harder for me to put a value on things! Must try harder. (Or maybe I can just be a professional cheerleader…)

      • Why settle for being “just” anything? Why settle? Why not be the best version of you that you can possibly be? Bring on the chickens and the dancing girls!!!

      • Why settle for being “just” anything? Why settle at all? Why not become the best, most glorious version of YOU that you can possibly be? Cue chickens and dancing girls…or maybe dancing chickens and girls….

  6. It’s also instructive to consider mutual interaction and the fact that we can all help someone else. Stone soup tastes best [http:/en./]

  7. Awesome words. Am shaking the pompoms for you…

  8. Is this really the same Cathy I once worked with? Not sure PomPoms match my eyes and Fairy dust just gets in them, so I’ll be intuitive instead. Fab stuff!

    • It’s me, but it’s not the version of me you used to work with, that’s for sure! This version is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much happier 🙂 Welcome to the squad, lovely to have you here 🙂

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