Achieving the Impossible, Day 4

Morning cheerleaders! I’ve listened to Lessons 7 and 8 this morning and I’m on a high again. This programme is AWESOME and it’s opening me up and making me more and more alive to my own abilities and possibilities with every day that passes. The spelling mistakes that are littering these posts are a consequence of the speed at which my fingers are flying over the keyboard as I try to get this stuff out, and the fact that I often forget to spellcheck!

Lesson 7  is about feeling like a success rather than a failure. Well I already feel like a success, so that’s not difficult as I can see how far I’ve come already. Michael wanted us to answer a series of questions – I’ve shared my answers on the Impossiblers Community Forum and now I’m going to share them with you:

What’s working that I’m going to do more of?

  • Being bold, overwhelming my goal and refusing to believe that “people like me cant’/don’t do things like this”

What isn’t working, that I’m going to do less of?

  • Ignoring Michael’s advice about taking exercise to get rid of the cortisol. I’m a life-long avoider of exercise but the amount of adrenaline and cortisol that’s been flooding my system this week is going to bring me to a standstill if I don’t do something about it. I’m already having trouble sleeping and I had to remind myself this morning that panic and excitement feel just the same, and choose to be excited instead of getting fearful. In the past I’ve always let the feelings of fear take over and keep me small but now I choose a different path. But actually, it would be much easier if I didn’t have to waste time making that choice, soI need to do something to get some equilibrium.

What am I going to start doing?

  • Follow a tip from an expert in organisational skills for creative minds. I’m going to walk into town (getting some much needed exercise!) and buy some pinboards to stick all my ideas and action points on. At the moment my desk is a sea of random scraps of paper and I’m getting in the way of my own success by continuing to work that way.

What am I going to stop doing?

  • Worrying about what other people think. I had a (very kindly meant) email yesterday from someone who thought that my blog postings about this were very unwise and that I was damaging my brand and sending out the wrong messages. I had that awful feeling where the pit of your stomach drops away and although I’ve rationalised it and had a conversation with her about it, and re-read all the lovely, overwhelmingly positive messages I’m getting from everyone else I realised that I still have a very deep-seated need to please and “be a good girl”. That’s one of the things that has held me back for so many years and I’m going to stop letting it do that.

If I were starting today, what would I start doing?

  • Set an ever more impossible goal! I’ve already doubled my original goal and that’s led me on to think “why settle for a million? Why not go for a billion?!”  I guess what I’m really saying is that I’ve recognised that I’ve spent my entire life thinking small and keeping myself small and starting today I’m going to be thinking BIG in EVERY way!

What’s worth doing differently anyway?

  • I think I just answered that…

Lesson 8 is called “Responsibility made Fun” and this time Michael gave us the beginnings of sentences and asked us to create 5 endings for each of them (rather like the exercise I showed you yesterday). Here are the sentences and my answers:

To me responsibility means

  • being a grown-up
  • not having fun
  • doing stuff I don’t like doing
  • wearing black and having frowning conversations in hushed tones
  • suppressing the child within me

oho – well THAT tells me a lot about myself!

If creating this goal was up to me, I would

  • find a way to be responsible without having to act in all those ways I’ve just described
  • keep things joyful and exuberant
  • follow my gut instinct in all things
  • do all the things I’ve been wanting to do but too scared to start on
  • make it even bigger and better!!

If this was really mine to create I would

  • not give a stuff about the people who might not get it, because if they don’t get it they’re not who I’m trying to reach
  • trust that the Universe loves me and wants me to succeed
  • know that I am ready for the world and the world is ready for me
  • allow myself time to dream and plot and think of even more massive, overwhelming things to do
  • clear my decks of everything not related to achieving this goal for the rest of the 30 days

If I took 5% more responsibility for creating this I would

  • get serious about following Michael’s advice to take exercise and get rid of the cortisol so I can keep myself at my peak
  • go and talk to my business bank manager and explain what I’m up to and get the support I need – actually, scrub that! My current bank is useless, whereas the bank that I have my personal finances with is excellent, so I need to move my business account over to them – I can do that today.
  • ask for more help and ask for it directly of individuals – I’d create the time to connect with ALL of my contacts individually, maybe even handwriting letters and posting them…
  • remove all the stuff that’s literally cluttering my thoughts (you should see my desk…) so I can focus
  • behave like an athlete preparing for the race of her life – ensure there’s lots of healthy food in the house, make time to eat it and give myself regular breaks to recuperate.

If I took 100% responsibility for creating this

  • I would take a focused, adult approach to it – but that doesn’t mean losing sight of the child within. I can still enjoy the experience and revel in my own exuberance.
  • the results would be awesome, better and bigger than anything I’ve ever achieved in my life (excepting my children, of course…)
  • I would really be achieving my potential and letting my light shine clearly and strongly, as I had a vision of it doing yesterday
  • I would make a huge difference to other people, in the same way that Michael is making a huge difference to me
  • I would be fulfilling my destiny

And it starts here. I’m off into town to visit the bank, buy some pinboards and walk off the cortisol. And buy lots and lots of paper, stamps and envelopes…

Thanks for being here, your support means the world to me

Love and Fairy Dust


17 responses to “Achieving the Impossible, Day 4

  1. My energy levels increase every time I read one of your new blogs! Thank you for being you – and don’t ever be anything else! Sue x

  2. Another good day and well done you! When you are little too high just remember to Tap….it only takes a few seconds to get you grounded again. Being grounded will help this wonderful focus without creating anything unwanted…!!! You can get the details off my website if you need them….I am here if you want to talk…xxxx

  3. Re-examining your life in public is fun/scary/challenging (and will be archived somewhere so you can see how well you’re doing 😀 ) Offering to help spend your energy to help others achieve their goals is fulfilling/challenging/tiring and fulfilling/what your life is meant to be (did I mention already that it might be fulfilling?). Just being you and pushing boundless enthusiasm outwards takes energy and effort. You can do it, are doing it and are being fantastic for everyone around you. Go you, go #colourfulcoach and keep being boundless energy for everyone who’s following you, those closest to you and everyone who loves you, respects you and values you.

  4. Did you get those pinboards and sort the bank out? I can just imagine you bouncing around excitedly in your chair.

    • I did – will be setting up the new account on Monday morning, and the pin boards are all lined up infront of me – there’s one for new product ideas, one for massive actions and one with the stages on my future timeline. Thank you for checking 🙂
      And would you believe I’m actually kneelin on the floor, because the cat is sitting in my office chair?!

  5. Hey lovely Cathy – another day closer to your million pound business, well done! You are doing wonderful things and I am so proud of you.

    By the way, I hope you don’t mind a little shameless plug, but as the organisational expert you mentioned is me (expert! squeal!) I thought I might point out that the tips in question are absolutely free and available here: We Have Ways of Making You Productive: 14 Ways to Make Your Right Brain Work For You if anyone else would like to sign up.

    With you all the way. as ever, and looking forward to the South of France! ;-b

  6. Thank you very much! xxx

  7. Hi Cath,

    your ideas are awesome and I’m glad you are listening to yourself and following your own instincts. Think I need to go and buy some pin boards as well!

  8. Wow! Really informative post! Tons of great info. Thanks!

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