Achieving the Impossible, Day 5

Hello gang, I hope you’ve enjoyed your Saturday as much as I have – today has been entirely consumed with celebrating my lovely parents’ 60th Wedding Anniversary which was on Thursday. Relatives gathered from far-flung corners of the country to have a splendid lunch together and toast the happy couple. There were balloons, banners, a congratulatory card from the Queen, champagne, a glorious cake and a great deal of love, laughter and pride. My Dad made a lovely speech about Mum and a number of us suddenly found we had something in our eyes….

And now I’ve come home and got straight to work, still in my velvety finery – I didn’t want to change out of my celebratory clothes and lounge in front of the telly, as I would ordinarily have done, because I wanted to see my commitment to this programme through – although I am only going to do one days’ challenge tonight because I still want to see tonight’s edition of Strictly Come Dancing!

So I’ve just listened to Lesson 9, The Results Accelerator. My task tonight is to think of at least 3 things I could do that would DRAMATICALLY accelerate the speed at which I achieve my goal. I’ve been invited to amaze myself with my own daring, and once I’ve identified my 3 incredibly risky things I then have to evaluate, assess and adjust each one and then let my gut instinct decide whether or not to go for it.

So given that my goal has already doubled in size and I’m now looking at building a million-pound business by November 15th, what risky things could I do that would dramatically accelerate my progress?

I’m going to ask for your help here, because sometimes an outsider will see things that I’m too close to notice.

What incredible, audacious, amazing risks would YOU like to see me take? What would have you hanging out the bunting and cheering in the streets if I gave it a go? I have some ideas of my own in mind butthey don’t feel risky enough and I REALLY want to know what you can imagine me doing – so please get your pompoms out and sprinkle some of your Fairy Dust in my direction, and together we’ll create some magic.

I’m going to keep checking back here for ideas until Tuesday morning, and on Tuesday I’ll decide which risks, from the list you come up with and the list in my head, I want to take through to the evaluation stage. I’m only going to choose the risks that scare me the most otherwise there’s no point, so please, if you really want to help me

  • think BIG

  • think SCARY

  • think AMAZING

Thanks in advance

Love & Fairy Dust


9 responses to “Achieving the Impossible, Day 5

  1. Thinking about my self I think one of the scariest things to do is have complete faith in yourself and business and invest everything you have into it, time, money and self! I’m still just thinking about it.
    I also liked the bunting idea so you could combine the two.
    good luck with whatever you do!

    • Helen – take that leap of faith, the only regrets you’ll have will be if you DON’T do it, trust me! Interesting that you picked up on the bunitng – it was a throw-away remark but you’ve got me thinking around it. Bunting comes out at things like village fetes etc, when people are generally festive and happy. There’s a symbolism involved with bunting, so I’m now thinking about how I could emply that symbolism at the various talks and workshops I’m signed up to give over the next month, and at my upcoming book launch. Hmmmm…..VERY interesting – thank you! x

  2. Hi,

    I’d like to see you get yourself into the mass media – ideally telly, in COLOUR of course! – to talk about your work. No idea how. Maybe find a news story with a coaching angle and sidle in as a talking head? Become a panelist on Newsnight? If all else fails, grab an old clock and nip along to the Antiques Roadshow?!

    • Well, you’re a mind reader. My Glorious Muse suggested this last week (she reckons I’m the natural successor to Claire Rayner) and it’s swirled around inside my head for months now, ever sinceI met a journalist who siad she thought I’d be perfect on the GMTV sofa. I would SO LOVE to be a panelist on Newsnight or Question Time so I could encourage politicialns and the media to take a coaching approach to running the country, rather than always looking to criticise and be destructive. This one’s DEFINITELY on my list of risky things to do…..

  3. Hi Cathy – I think you should be on television too, as a kind of Couch Coach – on local TV or on This Morning . You have just the right attributes – colourful, unusual, very warm and loving, and a brilliant sense of humour – not to mention the real and practical advice you have for us all. Don’t deprive the whole nation of your lovely self! (And think of the shoes…)

  4. Quiz – the word came about as a bet, apparently, amongst two friends. One bet the other that he could get a nonsense word talked about round the city of Dublin within 48 hours and that the public would supply a meaning. He was a theatre manager who asked his staff to write the word on walls round the city. The bet was won by the word and quiz came to mean something hard or unknown. How do we get colourful coach as well known? [Offer to sponsor any redevelopment of the Black&White site on condition that it’s to be known as the Colourful Coach site?]

    The reason I tweeted about your rank on Google was because you are pretty much the top rank for colourful coach and also high for Cathy Dean.

    Almost identical to Dancing Ken – all of Cheltenham knows him, most of us know him to speak to, and he’s been idiosyncratically himself for at least 40 years. [He’s also raised a huge amount for charity – some say £1 million but he barely keeps count]. Would you want to be at least as well known as Dancing Ken by the whole town?

    A hitchhiker I once met only knew Cheltenham for the Ladies College, the races and Brian Jones. What would it take to get it known primarily as the home of Cathy Dean?

    Just some thoughts – oh, and you’re still awesome 😀

  5. Loved the previous comment re Quiz. Thanks for the enlightenment!
    Fraid I’m going to be boring about revenue streams! Simplisticly and stating the blindingly obvious, you need a few high value products/services and/or many smaller ones. Through this initiative you will get some potential high value offerings to work on, but to generate the many lower value ones will need ‘Cathy Clones’, as your usp offering is you and your time. (Not that your time is low value, but a £4k day rate would be a bit steep!). So, presuming organic growth through genetic manipulation is just a tad too risky, how about acquisition or merger as a step further than franchising? There are several like-minded folk (SMEs?) in your ‘network’ or that contribute to your blog and have provided lots of encouragement that offer complementary offerings to you, and by joining forces you will grow the business and together be able to offer something quite amazing and unique.

    • You think no to cloning? And yet, you have me tmy charming offspring?…No, I suppose you’re right 😦
      I must say that the joining forces idea istinctively makes me flinch and cry “NO, NO!” so it must be worth further investigation…

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