Achieving the Impossible, Day 6

Is it really only day 6? I feel like a completely different person and I can’t believe I’ve only been on this journey for 6 days. I’ve listened to 3 Lessons today, and taken what I consider to be some Massive Actions, so let’s start with the Massive Actions.

The first Action has to do with one of the earlier tasks, which was about asking for help. I’m still thinking about yesterday’s task to do with risks and I thought I would do something that, 10 days ago, would have felt like a MASSIVE risk and something that I would have shied away from doing.

My Action was to email 4 people, tell them what I’m up to and ask them to answer these 3 questions for me:

  • what was the biggest risk YOU took that allowed you to make the leap from being “just another person” to where you are now?
  • what did you do that you would never normally have done, and what prompted you to do it?
  • who else would you advise me to contact to ask these questions?

And the people I emailed?

Tim has already replied and asked me for a favour in return. I’m going to do that favour, and I’m also going to ask you to look at his AMAZING project which aims to give away 1 million copies of his powerful and best-selling book to those most in need of it.

My next Action, now that I’ve got agreement from my first VIP client to extend the booking period for my True Colours VIP Transformation Programme, is to enhance the (already awesome, though I say it myself) content by approaching people in the public eye that have transformed their lives, and get a contribution from them to the programme so that my clients can learn from their experiences. I’m thinking audio and/or video interviews that will be included in the online modules. I have a list of names in my head and I’ll be approaching them this week. I’ll let you know how I get on.

My final Massive Action was making the decision to devote a good chunk of this week to working through the programmes I signed up for yesterday from Lisa Sasevich. She’s an expert in helping coaches to make sales and I love her approach. I’ve spent a couple of hours this afternoon on it and I’m already feeling better equipped to do what I need to do without feeling pushy or salesy.

I realised that I needed expert help in this area and so I decided to make an investment to get that expert help. I truly believe, from the help I’ve already got, that my investment will be very well spent and I’ll definitely make sure I’ve got my money’s worth out of it!

The 3 lessons I listened to today were about

  • acknowedging that some of this is going to be really tough and scary, and not letting that put me off or hold me back;
  • making sure I only tackle the things that are within my control and treating each action I take as an interesting experiment rather than equating my success as a human being with the success or failure of each action;
  • finding ways to let an increasing number of people know who I am and what I do. Michael quoted Rob Brydon as having wondered why his career wasn’t taking off until the day he was in the shower and realised that HE might know, in his own bathroom, that he was brilliant at what he did, but that NO-ONE ELSE WAS IN THE BATHROOM TO SEE IT. So he started sending tapes of himself (presumably not in the bathroom) to as many people as he could think of until they, too, saw how brilliant he was and started to hire him.

My task on this last Lesson is to create a chart with the following column headings: Complete Strangers, People who know who I am, People that have sampled my work, People that have paid for my work, Regular clients and Raving Fans.

Then I have to populate each column with names of people, or groups of people. Once that’s done I need to choose a column and carry out a Massive Action that will cause a transition of people from that column to the next column on the right.

I’ve decided which column I’m going to choose, and it’s the column that contains you, oh lovely reader. I’m going to put together a TOTALLY FREE online coaching taster package that will only be available via my blog so that you can experience exactly what I do for yourself.

I’ll aim to have it ready for you to sign up by Wednesday at the latest and I’ll be making 50 places available. If it’s a success, I’ll launch it again in a months’ time.

So that’s this week taken care of:

  • work through my sales coaching stuff
  • approach some people in the public eye and ask them to contribute to my VIP programme
  • create a FREE taster programme just for you
  • follow up today’s emails
  • go for regular walks
  • plan the launch campaign for my book which comes out in a  couple of weeks
  • keep working through my daily lessons
  • sleep, eat and enjoy my lovely family
  • keep on replying to every comment on this blog, which I love doing

That should keep me out of mischief!


4 responses to “Achieving the Impossible, Day 6

  1. Busy busy lady! I’m loving your goals, dreams and aspirations x

  2. Achieving the impossible is turning into “Achieving the dream”

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