Achieving the Impossible Day 7

Hello my Proud Beauties, how was your Monday?

Mine was ace. I woke up at the ungodly hour of 6am, a time at which I normally feel the need to whinge for a bit and try to convince myself I’m still asleep but this morning something was different.

I was ready for the day ahead and I knew exactly what I was going to do and why. I did, of course, stay in bed for another hour to allow my lovely husband to satisfy his need to bring me tea and breakfast in bed before going out into the cold to get to work (isn’t he lucky to have me?) but I used that hour profitably to plot and mull and even indulge in the odd spot of cackling.

By 8am I was bathed, dressed and in my office creating order from chaos.

All my life, I have lived surrounded by a mess of my own creating. I have a high tolerance for mess and I don’t notice dust or crumbs on the carpet. I think (as you may already know) that there are FAR better/more important things to do with my time than housework and I let that approach spill over into every other area of my life. I’ve always used the excuse that it’s because I’m creative and that actually I know where everything is. The creative bit is true, the always knowing where everything is bit is somewhat less than true. Actually, it’s an excuse.

And when I woke up this morning I knew with utter certainty that taking that approach to business (let alone my life) was part of how I’ve been keeping myself small and getting in my own way. How can I be as effective and focused as I need to be if I’m constantly wading through piles of crap, forgetting to pay bills and generally operating like someone who’s not really taking herself or her business seriously?

So out came the black bin bag and by 9:30 my desk was tidy, my papers were filed and my accounts stuff was all in its box waiting for me to work through it and pay my bills.

As part of that process I also took a decision and confirmed my place on an NLP Master Practitioner Course next May. I’ve been wanting to do this for ages but “never got round to it” – well now the dates are booked, the standing order is set up and it’s one of my priorities for next year. I know that deepening my knowledge of NLP will strengthen the work I do and mean my clients get even better results, so I’m really chuffed to have made that commitment to myself and to them.

Also today I walked into town and back, started the process of opening my new business bank account and had the most AMAZING massage with a lovely lady called Libby Foley . If you’re anywhere near Cheltenham go and see her – there’s a spiritual quality to what she does which makes her work totally different to any other massage therapist I’ve ever tried.Ā  In return for her lovely massages, I’m giving her some business coaching to help her to sort out her USP and look at how to market her services effectively so get in now before demand sky-rockets!

I’ve also been working on the Month of Magic freebie which will be going live on Wednesday and I’ve been feeling pretty cackly about that as well because I think it’s going to be utterly fabby. You’ll only be able to get access to it from this blog and you’ll have to book your place on either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday of this week – after that I’ll be taking the link down. I’m also only going to make it available to just 50 people so if it fills up before Friday evening then I’ll take the link down sooner.

So that was my day – I’m still looking for ideas of risky things I could try (see day 5) so please do your best to try to fry my brain with your amazing ideas. At the moment absolutely nothing I can think of feels risky – it’s kind of like my brain has been scrubbed clean of all fear which is really quite weird.

Oh, and I haven’t mentioned love-bombing Gok Wan, have I? Ah well, that will have to wait until tomorrow, I need to make food now!

Thanks for reading

Love & Fairy Dust, Cathy

17 responses to “Achieving the Impossible Day 7

  1. Nothing’s scared you?! NOTHING?! Rats, I must try harder, I thought my telly idea would ‘fraid the craps outta ya but clearly I underestimated you – ok, consider the big glovey thing now to have firmly hit the deck…

  2. Have added a couple of things to think about to day 5 QI on TV the other day with Stephen Fry et. al – look up Berners Street Hoax on Wikipedia. Another thing for a bet, though this time only for a gunea (Ā£1.05p)

    In 1810, one friend bet he could make a house the most famous address in London. He succeeded – you’ll need to find out the incredible details of what actually happened.

    Why don’t you try to get hold of Mr. Fry and ask him your questions? Now, how can you have an impact as noticeable as the Berners Street Hoax??

    If you can do something on that scale, I’ll nominate you as the next UK ambassador to the UN following your investiture as Dame Cathy šŸ˜€

  3. very nice website / blog …….. do not forget to visit. thank u

  4. I’m glad someone else has my eye sight and doesn’t see crumbs on the floors! I find myself becoming more enthused about my writing after reading your daily blog about how its all working for you. Keep it up – the insentive is rubbing off and making its way to others.

    • Hi Jenny, thank you! I love the sound of Going Nuts With Macademia, sounds like a really interesting and worthwhile project. And you’ve helped me decide on what my next Impossible Goal will be – I have a 99.9% complete children’s book that I’ve been writing for my kids for the last 15 years. All bar the final chapter is available to read on authonomy. My next goal will be to have it ready in book form to give to them for Christmas. So if there are any publishers out there, feel free to read what I’ve written up so far and then make me an outrageous bid to complete it!

  5. I love that your desk was sorted by 9.30. Course booked, massage had, breakfast in bed done, another day nearer to achieving the impossible. What a pace.

  6. Every time I see blogs as good as this because I should stop bludging and start working on mine.Thanks

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