Achieving the Impossible Day 8

OK gang, get your pompoms out because there is cheering to be done!

Firstly, please could you all wave your pompoms at my friend Mr A who has commented on a blog for what I believe to be THE FIRST TIME IN HIS LIFE to cheer me on. And not only that, but having broken his duck he’s actually come up with a suggestion that makes me wince and flinch at its riskiness. So thank you Mr A, and welcome aboard!

Secondly, I took a Massive Action today and bought for the company a Flip Ultra HD so I can make my own videos to include here and in my coaching packages. Once I’ve been to the hairdresser you’ll see the results but at the moment I can’t see out from under my fringe so you’ll have to wait a while.

And back to those risky suggestions. You’ll remember that on Day 5 I asked you to suggest some big hairy risks that you’d like to see me take. I said I would add your list of suggestions to my list of ideas and then pick the 3 that felt most risky and put them through the Evaluate, Assess, Adjust and Decide process.

So, first of all here’s the list you guys came up with (and thank you to everyone that suggested something), with my comments

  • have an impact as noticeable as the Berners Street Hoax – intriguing, very intriguing…
  • have complete faith in yourself and business and invest everything you have into it, time, money and self – absolutely, and I’m already doing it
  • use bunting – needs developing but there’s the germ of an idea about events/exhibitions/public speaking here
  • get yourself into the mass media – ideally telly, in COLOUR of course! – doesn’t feel risky, does feel VERY interesting, plans are already afoot…
  • be on television too, as a kind of Couch Coach – on local TV or on This Morning – see above
  • A hitchhiker I once met only knew Cheltenham for the Ladies College, the races and Brian Jones. What would it take to get it known primarily as the home of Cathy Dean? – I dread to think…
  • Ask Stephen Fry your questions – already on my list of slebs to contact
  • presuming organic growth through genetic manipulation is just a tad too risky, how about acquisition or merger as a step further than franchising? – excuse me while I hyperventilate and go into a full-blown panic attack

And here’s the list I had come up with (and bear in mind, the original task that I was set was to think of 3 things that I wouldn’t ordinarily do that could dramatically increase the speed at which I could achieve my goal)

  • Take out a full-page ad in every national newspaper & glossy magazine – the only thing I have to sell that would raise that much money is my soul, and I need it
  • Find a famous/influential client and ask them to tell their friends about me – deep,deep discomfort
  • Ring 50 people and ask them to become clients – deeply deep, deep discomfort
  • Find someone to invest massively in the company – even more deeply deep deep discomfort

The things that make me feel all itchy and uncomfortable from those lists are:

  • Find someone to invest in the company/”acquisition and merger” aka going into partnership with someone else. Everyone in my head is running around yelling “No, No, it’s MY Precious, you SHAN’T have it, nasty, nasty get away from us…” which means it’s definitely going on my “so risky I need to consider it” list.
  • Asking people to be my clients/finding a famous or influential client and then asking them to tell people about me – I feel extremely squeamish about asking people to become my clients, which is part of the reason that I’ve invested in some sales coaching. I can physically feel my stomach shrinking away at the thought of this, so it’s on the list
  • Have an impact as noticeable as the Berners Street Hoax – this one make me cackle in a gleeful sort of a manner and I’m also aware that it’s the sort of stunt that could go horribly wrong if not handled extremely carefully. I have an idea in mind for it though, which links in the whole getting on TV, contacting celebs thing as well, so it’s on the list.

To go through the process I was set, I now have to evaluate the amount of risk and reward I think there is for each of those ideas on a scale of 1 – 10 (1 being low, 10 being high)

Sharing My Precious scores 9 for risk (because it’s MINE and you’ll only pry it out of my cold dead hands when I’m…cold…and dead…and did I mention I was a recovering control freak?) and 9 for reward because if I found the right person the combination could take both of us up into the stratosphere and I really don’t know everything…

Asking for Clients scores 9 for risk (They might say no! And I’d feel all grovelly to begin with and them saying no would mean they didn’t like me!) and 5 for reward (and I rather think that that 5 has got more to do with my not wanting to do it than it has to do with what might happen if everyone I contacted said “Thank goodness you asked, I’ve been LONGING to work with you!!!”)

Becoming the Berners Street Hoax scores 4 for risk (because I don’t think I’m witless enough to do anything that would completely ruin my reputation…but you never know) and 10 for reward because I know what I want to do here and if it comes in the World will be my Lobster.

Now I have to Assess, which is simply taking the risk score away from the reward score and seeing what I get:

Sharing My Precious: 9-9 = 0

Asking For Clients: 5 – 9 = -4

Berners Street: 10 – 4 = 6

So on that basis Asking for Clients feels, to me, the most risky thing to do, then Sharing My Precious then Becoming a Glorious Hoax

The next step is to Adjust the score by finding ways to mitigate the risk and increase the reward, as follows:

I could mitigate the risk of Sharing my Precious by

  • identifying exactly the right person
  • talking to others that have done the same thing and taking their advice
  • overcoming my resistance to sharing
  • ooh ooh I just had a FABULOUS idea while I was typing! Someone popped into my head that I’m already working with and I suddenly thought about working with them in a different capacity – oooooooooohhhhhh, interesting……….if you read this and you have an idea you know who you are, oh Glorious one, expect a call in the morning!!! Suddenly the risk has gone down A LOT and the potential rewards have gone up even MORE!

So let’s move on to Asking for Clients, where I could mitigate the risk by

  • only contacting people I already know to be interested
  • ooh, another idea just popped in – asking people WHAT they would like to work with me on, and then designing solutions to meet those needs (and if there are any project managers out there yes I know, THANK YOU!)
  • getting someone else to do the asking for me
  • finding a way to ask that doesn’t lead to the answers Yes, No or Weeeeeeeeeeelll………….

And I don’t feel the need to go through this process with Berners Street, so that leaves me with the final part of the process, which is to find out what my gut instinct thinks.

Well, my gut has spoken and what is says is:

  • make that call in the morning and have an exploratory conversation to see where it takes you
  • do the market research you know full well you should have done at the start and find out how people feel about what you’re offering and what they would LIKE to see you offering
  • tell people what your Berners Street Plan is!!!!!

Well, should I tell you now, or should I wait till the morning? This has been a pretty long post already so I think I’ll wait.

But come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you

a) what my Berners street Plan is

b) how you can help

c) how to get your very own Month of Magic completely free, as my way of saying thank you for supporting me on my way to World Domination.

As always, I love to get your comments and to know what you think – and if any ideas have come to you (or you’ve been LONGING for me to ask you to become a client) then please take this as your invitation to chip in.

Thanks for reading,

Love & Fairy Dust, Cathy





5 responses to “Achieving the Impossible Day 8

  1. Oh, my goodness Cathy, I can feel the heat from those brain cells from here. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  2. You’ve got a lot to do in the next 22 days! Looking forwards to hearing your plan… 🙂

  3. Okay – Pom Poms are out and the cheering is happening! Looking forward to the video’s!

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