Achieving the Impossible Day 9

Here’s my current Song of Inspiration – enjoy!

I’m currently playing this every morning when my computer switches on, just to fire me up a little bit more for the day ahead. Hehehehe…

So, yesterday I promised you details on how I intend to perpetrate my own version of the Berner’s Street Hoax, what you can do to help and how to get A Month of Magic for free.

The Berners Street Hoax, if you remember, was all about making a completely ordinary London address the most famous address in the country overnight, which was achieved by getting 4000 tradesmen to deliver their wares to 54 Berners Street on the same day which caused a HUGE traffic jam and vast amounts of confusion. This was done as a bet by two Victorian gentlemen, and the suggestion was to come up with something that would get me as well known.

In my head I linked this with the suggestions that people have made about trying to get onto TV and the answer came to me almost fully-formed: I need to Love-Bomb Gok Wan, and I need your help.

I do for people’s insides what Gok does for their outsides, that is, help them to see themselves in a whole new and much more realistic way, help them lose their fears and inhibitions and go back out into the world secure, loving themselves and ready to let their gifts and talents shine.

So Gok needs me as his new sidekick – it’s just that he doesn’t know it yet.

And this is where you come in. If you’d like to see me and Gok working as a team I’d like you to join in with the Love-Bombing campaign and encourage as many other people as you can to join in too.

Interestingly, I started to create some tweets and emails for you to use and found that my fear-gland swelled up to monstrous proportions. Normally this would have made me back down, but not this time.

This time, I dialled a certain phone number . It rang once and the voice on the other end said “I thought it was going to be me!” It was, as you’ll have guessed, the person I referenced in yesterday’s blog, the ONLY PERSON I could imagine going into partnership with on this venture, and she’d been waiting for my call!

We’re going to thrash out the details for what we want to do together when we meet on Saturday, but for now she’s  put together a “Love-Bombers Bible” for you, me and everyone we know to use and even now, she’s still whooping at the thought of me and Gok working together. I think I feel a flashmob coming on at one of his book signings….

To get us started, here are her suggestions for tweets and an email for us to use to get Gok’s attention:

Tweet suggestions:

@therealgokwan Allow me to introduce you to @colourfulcoach Cathy Dean. She specialises in body image & I think you could make beautiful music together

@therealgokwan You are fabulous and so is @colourfulcoach Cathy Dean – please agree to meet with her, she has some wonderful ideas

@therealgokwan I have fallen in love with my body again, thanks to you and @colourfulcoach – you should collaborate!

@therealgokwan You need to speak to @colourfulcoach – she’s as amazing as you are!

@therealgokwan We will buy 1000,000 copies of your new book if you meet with @colourfulcoach Cathy Dean!

@therealgokwan Cathy Dean @colourfulcoach brings warmth, humour and colour to her clients – would you like to collaborate with her? We think you should!

@therealgokwan Please, please, please agree to meet with @colourfulcoach Cathy Dean

Email suggestion:

Dear Gok
Thank you for your wonderful programmes – they make me cry every time. The way you transform people’s lives is phenomenal.

I’m writing to you today because I know that the equally phenomenal Cathy Dean of Colour in Your Thinking has recently been in touch with you. I wanted to express my support for Cathy and urge you to get together with her. She is not only an incredibly talented coach; she is also the loveliest, funniest, warmest woman you could ever hope to meet. I strongly believe that you and she could create something spectacular together.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this message.
Best wishes…..

I haven’t managed to track down an email address for Gok himself, but I’m hoping someone out there will know of a way to contact him, so PLEASE do whatever you can to spread the word about this blog and this campaign and who knows – we might get Gok making contact with me!!

So, more ideas for what you can do as part of the Love-Bombing campaign will be available in a day or two but for now I am VERY proud to announce that A Month of Magic will begin on Monday and your opportunity to try it out ABSOLUTELY FREE has arrived.

I’m making A Month of Magic available to 50 people and the link to access it will be live until Friday evening or until 50 people have signed up, whichever is the sooner.

So if you’d like to try a taste of what I do now’s your opportunity – sign up for A Month of Magic and see what difference a spot of Colourful Coaching can make to your life…..

8 responses to “Achieving the Impossible Day 9

  1. Gok’s Team
    5th Floor
    W14 0EE

    Snail mail but better than nothing!

  2. I’ve never seen his programmes … won’t stop me cheering you on, though!

  3. 9 days and still going strong. Your dedication is awesome!

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