Feeling the Fear and Doing it Anyway (again, but this time with my clothes on)

I’ve just been through a pretty intense process of addressing my fears and I want to record it here so that you can see what I did.  I’m doing this in the hope that you may find it a useful process for yourself some time, and also so that you can understand a bit more about what I’m going through as I work towards achieving my Impossible Goal.

I listened to Lesson 13 today, which is entitled The One Minute Creation Boost. It gives you a sequence of 5 steps to follow and suggests you do it whenever you feel stuck or downhearted or in need of a boost. Michael says that when you do it you’ll find it brings all sorts of inspirations to you. Here are the steps:

1. Speak out loud what you want to bring into being, and say it as if you’ve already achieved it.

2. Describe the image that comes to mind when you speak it.

3. Notice how you feel about it; ask yourself how it feels to have created the impossible.

4. Notice the movement that’s associated with the feeling.

5. identify the benefits to you and to the world that have come about because you achieved your goal.

I spoke my goal aloud: “I have a one-million pound business”.

The associated image came to my mind, and it was me, crouching in a corner, utterly overwhelmed and fearful.

The associated feelings were that awful plunging feeling in my stomach and a rush of adrenaline urging me to run away. All my gremlins rose up as one saying things like “that’s far too much money for someone like you, you don’t deserve that kind of success, it’ll be far too difficult so you’d better not try, you can’t possibly do something like that, you’re getting above yourself etc etc”

The associated movement was a desire to run and hide and not come back out until it was safe.

That’s the second time today the fear monster has struck and I decided I wasn’t going to let it have its evil way with me.

I wrote down all the fears and then all the positives.

I went and fed the cats.

And then I started to coach myself. I realised that a lot of the fears were about stuff being too difficult and whether I’d be able to cope. And into my mind came a calming voice that said “So you’ll need a really capable team around you to manage the day-to-day running of your business, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best, which is working with clients and creating new and exciting ways for them to work with you.”

And I thought – well, durr, who runs a million-pound business on their own? Why have I been thinking I’d have to carry on doing it all myself?

That got me on to thinking about the kind of people I’d want in my team, the kind of premises I’d want for us all to work in, the ethos of the company and so on and I realised that building that team and finding those premises needs to be part of my business plan – and my Impossible Goal suddenly felt far, far more realistic and achievable.

OF COURSE I can’t build and run a million-pound business on my own, OF COURSE it ‘s too big and hairy a task – but with the right team around me THERE’S NO REASON why I can’t do it.

So now when I say out loud “I run a business with an annual turnover of £1m” (and note how that sentence has changed), the image I see is of a team of committed, fulfilled people all working towards the same goals and sharing the same values, as committed to their own personal development as they are to our clients, and all doing what they do best to enable me to do what I do best.

I also see a community of clients whose lives have blossomed as a result of the work my team does and who are able to pass on some of what they’ve learned to the people in their lives, so that the happiness and Fairy Dust spreads even further.

I feel inspired and motivated by those images and now the adrenaline that’s pumping through my veins is impelling me to go out and get recruiting, but ACTUALLY what I’m going to do is take the time to do this properly, talk it through with the bank and various other advisors and supporters and put a sensible plan into action.

Because what this exercise has shown me is that I CAN do this and I WILL do this and, most importantly, I WANT to do this.

I am ready to face my fears.

14 responses to “Feeling the Fear and Doing it Anyway (again, but this time with my clothes on)

  1. Am working on the 5 things now!!

    I have won the car, I feel happy and relieved, I am driving my lovely kids around.

    PMA all the way!! If anyone else wants to follow me then please go to


    My kids rugby club could win £5K and you could win a holiday!

  2. Well you have come a long way…and in such a short time. Well Done YOU, there never was anything stopping you, only you. Now you know there is nothing to stop you, just DO it….happy to help when/if needed.
    Love and wisdom bestowed on you..xxxx

    • I was thinking of you just now as I was musing on who I know that’s been there and done that. I need to do some more thinkingfirst and then I’ll give you a call, if that’s OK? Thanks xxx

  3. Can – Will – Want. Such powerful words.

  4. You’ve no need to cower, hide away in a corner, allow yourself to feel diminished. You’re awesome and fantastic – you’re helping others to be awesome and fantastic, in part because you can afford to be open with your hopes, fears, dreams, negation – and ultimate success. You were born to be you – no-one else stepped up to it, so you took it on – and in being you, you’re helping all the rest of us. You’ve a community around you – online, who are discovering you, friends and colleagues who’ve known you for years and are watching you blossom, family and those closest to you including Peter, YWH.

    Go colourful coach – if you need some like-minded folk to develop along with you, then so be it. You’re fantastic and awesome (see – what I tell you three times is true 🙂 )

  5. Woo hoo, go you! I know it’s been a really big thing for you to decide to open your business up to others, so very well done – I’m sure it’ll work out. Now you just need to find the right people, who share your vision and can help you grow it into something even more spectacular than it already is!

    Ps if you’re after a project/office manager type, I’m…well, I’m about to go on maternity leave, obv, but I intend to resurface in a year or so…

    • Oh, now, you’re a mind reader! YOU are EXACTLY the type of badger I would want to keep me on track, and we already know each other’s foibles! Ohohoho, now I’m REALLY excited…

      • Eh? Foibles? Me? But I’m perfect 😀

        I was wondering if you’d benefit more from having someone with absolutely no creative bones whatsoever, who could be very single-minded and focussed on the business side of things, or someone like me who can do the Organisation thing but would prob want to dabble in the creative side too. Obv you do need someone with Passion, who Gets It, so I reckon on balance you want the latter?

        Will try and make it along on Sunday to discuss…

      • We’ll DEFINITELY talk on Sunday!

  6. Excellent! You’re cooking on gas now!! By the way, who is Gok Wan?
    (I know, I know there is no excuse now for me and other High Court judges with Google out there!)
    Think I’ll watch The Apprentice now – and wonder at a load of unemployable numpties who could all do with some coaching…now there’s a thought!

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