Achieving the Impossible Day 10

Good evening lovely people, I trust your day was splendid. I spent a good portion of it sitting in a lovely old Cotswold pub, sipping tea, making friends with a gorgeous black labrador called Pudding and Thinking Creative Thoughts in front of a roaring log fire. Can there be any finer way to work? I think not. And then I had a sumptuous repast with the lovely Kirsten from Aspiring Change before toddling home to my lovely cats and lovely husband. Have I used the word “lovely” too many times do you think?

I love my job 🙂

So on to today and I have 2 things for you.

One is a reminder that A Month of Magic is now available for you to sign up. This is a FREE taster of what I do and gives you a month of online coaching aimed at helping you to transform some aspect of your life. Every day for 4 weeks you’ll get a new lesson to work through and every lesson will help you to get in touch with your own capacity for transforming your life so that, by the end of it, NOT ONLY will you have transformed an area of your life, but you’ll ALSO have learned exactly what you’re capable of and you’ll be able to harness those magical powers that we all possess whenever you want to in the future.

I’m going to be taking down the subscription link at 8pm tomorrow (Friday 22nd) night and there’s a limited number of places available. Places are getting booked up so if you want to do this FREE, then click this link now.

And now, the Gok Wan Love-Bombing campaign.

My intrepid band of helpers have been burrowing through the internet and have come up with 2 potential addresses to send letters to, as follows:

Gok Wan
Carol Hayes Management
5-6 Underhill Street
London, NW1 7HS


Gok’s Team
5th Floor
W14 0EE

Gok also has a Facebook page but you’d have to get him to accept you as a friend first. If you’re ALREADY a friend of Gok’s, of course, then that’s going to be quite easy!

Having taken some very sage advice from a White Witch this morning, I wrote this letter and posted copies of it to Gok at both of the above addresses. I’m reproducing it here in case he checks out my blog:

Dear Gok,

along with just about every other woman in the country (and not a few men) I’m your biggest fan. No really, I am.  I think that what you do to help people to love their bodies is inspirational for the viewers and empowering for the people that you work with and long may you continue.

I am a coach and the work that I do aims to help people to fall in love with what’s inside them, so that they can fulfill their potential and show the world their True Colours.

I’m writing to you because my clients, friends, supporters and I all believe that you and I would be a fantastic partnership and I’d like to talk to you about what we might be able to do together.

My clients tell me I’m inspirational, warm, funny and a formidable coach. With you working on their outsides and me working on their insides, just think of the impact we could have on the people of Britain!

The best place to find out more about me is through my blog, which you can find at and I’m on Twitter as @colourfulcoach.

I’m really excited about the prospect of exploring the potential for a Gok’n’Cath mashup and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for taking the time to read this

With Love and Fairy Dust

Cathy Dean

So there we are. That was today’s Massive Action and it felt as right and natural as writing this blog. I’ve practised what I’ll say when he phones, and I’m mulling over what to wear when we meet. Must make sure I emphasise the Bangers…

8 responses to “Achieving the Impossible Day 10

  1. Sophia Roberts – who is an interesting person in her own right – poet, origamist and all sorts of other things – has just posted a link to a Facebook page for Discardia – it just chimed as being appropriate for a lot of people reading this and following Cathy’s awesome journey here. Cathy’s being awesome again and her article on Letting Go of the Monsters is also quintessentially #colourfulcoach Go Cathy, you’re fantastic, insightful and a superbly nice person who _SO_ deserves a huge business and everything your heart desires.

  2. Well done, sounds like the next move is Gok’s…give it time!
    see you soon xxxx

  3. 10 days and look at how strong you have grown. Your spirit must be soaring right now!

    • It certainly is. I was having a conversation yesterday where I was saying that I felt like there was something REALLY audacious that I could be doing but I didn’t know what it was. It was quietly pointed out to me how far I’ve come and how audacious I’m being in putting myself so completely “out there” with this blog. I now have to remind myself how utterly unimaginable some of the stuff I’ve done this week would have been just 10 days ago. ANd I really hope I’m proving the point that if I can do it, ANYONE can do it. All you need is the right support.

  4. Great blog! I like how everything is well written. I will be back to check for new posts. Thanks!!

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