Achieving the Impossible Day 12

Not much time to write today and I was wondering what to talk about when, yet again, the Universe delivered a couple of gifts, right into my email inbox.

One was from someone saying that they had deliberated long and hard about whether to sign up for A Month of Magic but had, in their own words “chickened out” because they weren’t ready to tackle their demons just yet. I know that feeling all to well and I’m a great believer in the idea that you have to wait until the time is right before you can do some things. So don’t feel bad about it old bean, rather trust yourself to know that when you’re ready for the challenge, the challenge will be ready for you.

That being said, you also have to be able to spot when the right time has come along but I don’t believe that anyone else can tell you when it is. In my experience, the time is right when NOT tackling your demons feels worse than the thought of tackling them but that’s just me.

The very next email in my inbox was the latest post on Tim Brownson’s blog, A Daring Adventure. You may recall that I had a guest post on Tim’s blog a while back and that I wrote to him last week asking him, amongst other things, what was the biggest risk he’d taken that had taken him from being “just another life coach” to where he is now.

In his reply to me he said he thought it was probably the first time he’d used the word “fuck” on his blog (and by the way, that’s the first time I have too, but I figured if it’s good enough for the Tim and it’s good enough for Guardian it’s good enough for me!) but he’s expanded on that answer in his latest post, entitled “The Biggest Risk I Ever Took” (I so love that I missed the “i” out and the spell checker wanted to make that title into “The Biggest Rusk I Ever Took”!!)

People tell me that I’m taking a huge risk by writing this blog the way I’m writing now, by baring my soul. Well it doesn’t feel like a risk to me.

People told me I was taking a HUGE risk by resigning from a well-paying secure job with a decent pension to become a coach. Well yes, it was a leap of faith but at the time it didn’t feel like a risk.

It felt like the only sensible alternative to running amok at work with a machete…

If you read Tim’s post you’ll have seen that he felt that BY FAR the biggest risk-takers are the people who stay in jobs or relationships that kill their souls because they’re too frightened to do anything else and I have to say that I agree 100%.

It seems to me to be an ENORMOUS risk to allow a little bit more of your soul, of the unique essence that is you, to die every day when you have everything you need inside you to do the exact opposite, and when you have lots of people like Tim and me around who want to help you.

Regardless of your beliefs around what happens after death we can all agree (I hope) that we’re only going to get one shot of living this particular life well. I don’t believe that we were put here to suffer, I believe that we were put here to learn and grow and blossom and that there are infinite ways we can do that.

If you’re  gardener you don’t deliberately lop off bits of your plants to the extent that they’re just about surviving but incapable of blooming – you train them and feed them and encourage them to grow strong and tall until they become exquisite specimens.

Why would you choose not to do the same for your soul?

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