Achieving the Impossible Day 15

Yesterday I talked about how I needed to think about restructuring my products, including my VIP programme. Today the Universe gave me two gifts to help me do just that. Once again, the Universe has come up trumps as a result of me telling it what I need.

Thank you, Universe 🙂

I was at a meeting of like-minded souls this morning and we were given an exercise to do that would help us to create or refine our elevator pitches. I’d been thinking as I drove there about the links between facing your fears and colouring in your thinking, and I’d come to the conclusion that, when you live a life circumscribed by fear you see everything in black and white. You tend to think along very narrow lines, such as

If I do x, then y will happen so I’d better not do x“.

Once you start facing your fears you suddenly find that there is always a range of possible outcomes, so your statement becomes more like

If I do x, then y or z or a or b or even c might happen!“.

You literally start to colour in your thinking as you now have a whole palette of possibilities and opportunities available to consider.

I captured an element of that in my elevator pitch and although it needs more work the  session was incredibly useful and came at exactly the right time for me.

I got home from that to find a message from my publisher asking me to go to their offices to do a last-minute check on something before they sent my book for binding. So much for my plans for the afternoon, but as luck would have it I had just taken delivery of the materials for the sales coaching package I bought last week, so I took a notebook and a pen along with the first disc.

I ended up sitting in a lay by just outside Evesham for 30 minutes, furiously scribbling notes as this torrent of INCREDIBLY useful information came at me. The subject of that first disc?

How to clarify your offer (or UBP) and structure your products.

I couldn’t have asked for two more useful things to come my way today and I couldn’t have been in a better place to receive them.

So I haven’t rewritten the VIP package details but you can bet your booty that I’ve got a LOT of thoughts in my head right now. Tonight will be a night for mulling and rest. Tomorrow will be a day for MASSIVE ACTION.

Thanks for reading

With Love and Fairy Dust


10 responses to “Achieving the Impossible Day 15

  1. Hi Cathy,
    So glad it’s working out really well for you. Enjoy a cosy warm evening and spoil yourself, you deserve it. Will hear about the Massive Action tomorrow, hmmm wonder what Massive Action we could all do tomorrow to keep you company haha xxx Love Sarah xx

  2. Love the UBP idea with the comparison between fear and black and white turning to a variety of colours when you move forward, really love it.

    The Sales coaching package sounds super too, is it something I could learn from, if so what is it?

    I like Sarah’s suggestion too having a cosy, warm evening.

  3. Hi Cathy,

    I am just catching up with your progress on the blog after last week in New York and you have packed six months’ worth of work in to those few days! Just these last few entries make my fingertips tingle with excitement at the challenges and growth opportunities that you are opening up for yourself and with your clients. It really is thrilling and inspiring to be witness to this great positive sense of well-being!

  4. Xidia (redhairedhiker)

    I love the colour/fear analogy. I’ve just realised I’m fairly good at “colour” or “outside the box” thinking about everything academic/professional but bad at it personally. Now I’ve pinpointed a technique I can transfer from one sphere to the other. Thanks!

  5. Isn’t it wonderful when the universe works with us!

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