Achieving the Impossible: Day 18

The end of another astonishing week, and first off I need to apologise for confusing you. When I called yesterday’s post Day 17 part 1 I fully intended to add a part 2, which would include the second half of my video. By the time video number 2 was uploaded I completely forgot to do the link back and just put it into my the updated page for my VIP Programme.

Then I went off and spent 4 hours crafting a talk and a slide show for Ignite Bristol on Sunday – and promptly deleted the lot instead of saving it. That’s the point at which I went to bed and screamed myself to sleep.

But I’m OK now, having made myself a nest of Fairy Dust and rolled around in it this morning when 300 beautiful, pristine copies of my book arrived from the publisher.

Oh, what a feeling that was! As my lovely husband said, not only do they LOOK like real books, but they SMELL like real books, and what’s more they ARE real books!

The initial print run is 2000 and the publisher and my lovely PR and marketing people and I are now getting started on the process of selling them. You’ll be able to buy copies directly from here when my new combined website and blog is up and running and in the meantime if you’d like a copy please visit my online bookshop.

Aside from making videos, writing talks and having a book published, I’ve spent this week devouring the work of Lisa Sasevich. She’s the sales coach whose help I invested in recently and my brain has been expanding in all sorts of directions as I’ve listened to her CDs and read through her manuals. I started to get a bit panicky yesterday because it felt like there was so much I needed to do and I could hear one of my gremlins (Mr Can’t B. Arsed) waking up and starting to sing his siren song of “oooh, this stuff’s all too big and complicated, why don’t you just carry on as you are now, it’ll be much easier for you”.

There was a time when I’d have obeyed him uncomplainingly but things have changed around here and this time I didn’t let him get away with that, oh no.

This time I doused myself in extra-specially strong Ninja Fairy Dust (very rare stuff, only available in minute, hugely expensive quantities and you wouldn’t BELIEVE what you have to go through to get hold of it) and sat down to Think Things Through.

I decided that as it was a couple of days since I’d listened to any Creating the Impossible lessons, it would be an idea to do just that and whaddaya know, the 3 lessons I listened to yesterday covered EXACTLY what I needed and enabled me to put Mr Can’t B. Arsed firmly in his place and leap athletically over my barriers.

The first one was called “The Intuitive Quiz Solution” and got me to look at the biggest problem standing between me and my goal and then gave me a way to find out how to take a huge leap past it.

The second was called “The Million Dollar Question” and asked me to think about what I would do if someone were to give me $1m RIGHT NOW, on condition that I achieved my goal in half the time originally allowed.

And the third one was called “The Myth of Self-Sufficiency” and made the point that NO-ONE EVER achieves any kind of huge success on their own, no matter what it might look like to outsiders.  Olympic athletes, NASA astronauts, Presidential Candidates, Nobel laureates – all got where they are today as a result of a team effort, so it’s crazy to assume that you can achieve an Impossible Goal all by yourself.

The combination of those 3 lessons, my Ninja Fairy Dust and the advice from Lisa Sasevich lit a flame under me and shifted my brain into a new gear that I didn’t know I had.

I realised that I need to build my support team RIGHT NOW, rather than waiting until….I don’t know what, exactly, which was where I was before. I’ve taken steps to put that into action and that will move along next week.

Part of the work of that team will be to help me with the streamlining and simplification of products that I’ve been thinking about, and I intend to streamline and simplify that process as well. Left to my own devices I’ll fidget around and come up with endless possible variations but there’s no need and no time for that. So someone somewhere is going to be given a stopwatch and a whip next week, and instructions to keep me on schedule…

I also need to look after myself better – this week has gone by in a blur of late nights and crappy food and it hasn’t done me any good. So that’s it, I’m done for tonight.

Thanks for reading and for your ongoing support.

With Love and Fairy Dust, Cathy

2 responses to “Achieving the Impossible: Day 18

  1. I’d like to believe that a million dollars would make it easier to achieve most goals (even impossible ones) more quickly! But maybe that’s naive of me 😉

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