Achieving the Impossible: Day 20

Funny old day. My VAT return was due in today and, as per usual, I’d left it to the very last minute so most of the day has been spent in a haze of book-keeping, hating doing book-keeping, kicking myself for not keeping on top of the book-keeping and vowing to get my lovely husband, WHO IS A BOOK-KEEPER to help me out with it on a regular basis, like we agreed he would. We’ve now decided on a way to make it work because we’re both pretty crap at getting round to doing stuff we don’t like doing, which is why it’s all been sat in a heap waiting for someone to deal with it.

I was supposed to be giving a talk tonight at Ignite Bristol but that’s not happening now. Bit of a breakdown in communication between me and the organisers (99.9% my fault), which meant that I realised at around 11am today that I had constructed something that was utterly unsuitable for their event. We agreed it was probably better if I pulled out, and maybe I’ll have another go at some point.

The combination of letting both myself and the Ignite Bristol people down allowed some of my gremlins to creep back in and I must admit to having been really quite Mimsy in the Borogroves today. I daresay the frenetic pace I’ve been going at of late hasn’t helped either, so when I saw this link on Facebook and watched it I ended up in a sobbing heap because it’s so lovely. See what you think:

And now it’s getting dark and little me is feeling really quite small, and yet determined that I’m not going to let my gremlins pull me off my course. Tomorrow I will feel different and I shall be up and at ’em again, blazing my way to success.

For tonight, I’m going to continue to be kind to myself and know that this, too, will pass.

Thanks for reading

With Love & Fairy Dust, Cathy


8 responses to “Achieving the Impossible: Day 20

  1. “continue to be kind to myself and know that this, too, will pass.” You’ve got it! Every day can’t be a good day. My much-loved and respected Granny May used to say that we should be grateful for the bad times, as without them we wouldn’t appreciate the good ones – we’d have nothing to compare them to. I wouldn’t necessarily go that far – it’s a little too 1940s wartime cheery chin-up for me, I fear – but she had a point.

    During a recent personal low moment, I derived great comfort from realising that while I was feeling pretty bad by my current standards, before that day I hadn’t felt that way for a long time; I used to do so quite regularly. It was nice to remind myself of the progress I’ve made. Hopefully the same applies to you – tax returns may suck donkeys, but the whole reason you have to do one is cos you’re not a corporate wage slave any more! So it’s all good! Xxx

    • Granny May – what a fabulous name, it conjures up the archetypal twinkly-eyed granny with many years of wit and wisdom at her dispoal, and an apron pocket stuffed with toffees!
      Today is a MUCH better day, and you’re right, yesterday itself was nowhere NEAR as bad a day as many that I knew in The Life Before.
      Thank you 🙂 xxx

      • Granny May did indeed kick ass. Apparently she was responsible for a small but statistically significant rise in the number of little girls called May in the Coventry area over the last 50 years or so. She was an inspirational teacher of pupils who would now probably have a special needs diagnosis of some kind but back then, were simply called Naughty Boys and Girls. She turned quite a few young lives around. All that, and she used to scandalise the local populace by wearing a red hat to church…

        Glad you’re feeling better today! Good decision on the VAT returns – life’s too short, leave them to people who understand and even enjoy them…

      • A red hat to church, that’s MY kind of woman! didi she wear it with a purple dress that didn’t go?!

  2. I agree 100% with Emma; today might feel bad compared to yesterday, but think how good last week felt to a few years ago.

    And , of course, when you’ve made your first half million, there will be someone else to do your VAT returns… so there’s something else to aim for!

    • There’ll be someone else doing my VAT returns FROM NOW ON, never mind waiting till I’ve made my first half million! I am bouncing again today 🙂 and it’s jolly nice to see you here xxxxx

  3. What a lovely clip to bring on a good sobbing session.
    Tomorrow, may your energy, optimism and wonderful powers lead you on to a great week.

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