Achieving the Impossible: Day 21

…and we’re back on form 🙂

After this weekend’s slump I was determined that I wasn’t going to let it continue and, while I was slumping last night (5 episodes of Nigella Kitchen back to back, since you ask) I left a space in my head for the Universe to suggest to me something that would help.

And lo, the Universe spake unto me, and it said “Read that book Tim Brownson sent you that’s been sitting around for days, Fool!” I never realised till last night that the Universe sounds like Mr T but there you go…

So this book then. You may remember that Tim Brownson very kindly gave me a guest blog spot on his site, and that he also responded to my question about the biggest risk he’d taken in getting to where he is now. He also very kindly sent me 2 copies of “How to be Rich and Happy”, the book he wrote with John P. Strelecky and which is at the heart of a remarkable project the two of them have going. It’s called the One Million Giveaway Project and it’s truly inspirational. If you want to know about it then you need to visit but in a nutshell, their aim is to GIVE AWAY 1 million copies of this fantastic book to people who really need it. You can help by buying a copy of the manual and the money that that brings them will be used to fund sending a few more copies of the book out to people who really need it.

And last night, Mr T very delicately suggested that it might be time for me to get round to reading Tim and John’s book, so I took it to bed with me. I read a couple of chapters last night before I went to sleep, and when I woke up this morning I worked my way through it from beginning to end, completing each of the exercises and getting more and more excited as I went on.

Then I went out for a walk to calm myself down because there was so much adrenaline coursing through my system.

When I came back I spent some time sitting in the back garden in the sunshine, putting into practice some of the stuff I’d learned from Lisa Sasevich.

Then I came in and worked with one of my online clients before putting some of Tim and John’s advice into practice.

THEN I spoke to the one person in the world I’d been looking forward to talking to most since last Friday, and my joy was unconfined when she said that yes, she WOULD be delighted to become my official Muse, Business partner and Wrangler in Chief – or, as we prefer to think of her, My Chief Fairy Dust Scatterer. We have a meeting planned for early next week to work out exactly what we’re going to do to take our joint venture forward and then she will get on with creating the team that will help us to do that.

Woop Woop!!

We both feel that our combined skills, knowledge and power will unleash upon the world a force for enormous good and we really believe that Together We Are Stronger. Both she and I know that we can really enhance what the other one does and that as well as creating strong, healthy businesses alone we can do some amazing (as yet unthought-of) things together.

And who is this wonderful person? Her name is Eli Barbary and she’s been becoming more and more indispensable to me for some while now. She was one of my first Inspiring Interviewees and one of my first coaching clients and now she’s my Muse, my Right-Hand Woman and my very good friend as well. Knowing that she’s on my team takes a huge weight off my shoulders and the future looks much, much brighter than it did only yesterday.

Thank you to those of you that took the trouble to send me messages of support over the weekend, I really do appreciate them all.  I’m flying again now and looking forward to tomorrow’s challenges – Bring Them On!!

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