Hello Universe, can you hear me?

Dear Universe,

you know how you always seem to be able to sense what I need, and send it to me one way or another? Well I REALLY need you to get busy on my behalf RIGHT NOW.

Something happened this morning that made me realise that, throughout this whole Impossible Goal process, there’s been a part of me intent on subtly but effectively undermining everything I’ve been trying to do. Today someone called it out and now I can see it dancing its triumphant little jig and snarling.

It’s the part of me that, underneath all the bravado, is scared shitless of change. It’s the part of me that can’t imagine a different sort of life and doesn’t really want to try. It’s the part of me that really doesn’t believe I’m up to the job. It’s the part of me that thinks I’m getting too big for my boots and I should just stop showing off and get back in my box.

It has a wide range of strategies and subterfuges in its arsenal and it deploys them so well it actually had me believing I was conquering it, when all the while I’ve been playing into its hands.

But now, thanks to a very dear and enormously straight-talking friend, I can see it in all its horrid, gnarled reality. And now I’m REALLY scared.

Because now I truly know what I’m up against.

I’m up against ME.

So Dear Universe, please can you send me some help? I can’t fight me on my own – that me has 46 years worth of experience of getting in my way and mangling my attempts to do something different, and it doesn’t want to stop now without a fight. This new me is still very fresh and pink, and raw around the edges and it bruises easily. This new me really doesn’t want to give in but doesn’t know what to do right now.

Dear Universe, please help…


6 responses to “Hello Universe, can you hear me?

  1. You can do it! *\o/*

    More pragmatically, have you read “Taming your gremlin”?

    • Thank you, and yes..this was a new one I had been not exactly ignoring, but hadn’t realised the power of. However, the Universe has already started to answer my call and the little sucker is already starting to shrivel in the glare…

  2. You are an amazing woman. You are teaching us all the pain of a journey that is conscious, honest and hard work. To achieve any kind of peace takes all the effort that you are very kindly putting on display for everyone, everyday! I know…everyday. Sometimes, I think a day off from self discovery would be so welcome but once you’re on the road less travelled, you can’t get off (nobody told me that!!). It is no wonder that you overwhelm yourself from time to time…that is because you are overwhelming. Overwhelmingly fantastic, overwhelmingly honest and overwhelmingly loved. Sending much love and chocolate xxx

  3. Hello child of the Universe, I am here…just call me. I know you need help and I know that is why I am here.

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