Achieving the Impossible Day 29

Wahay, what a fabulous day and it’s still only 3pm!!

I have spent the last 6 hours with the incomparably wonderful Miss Eli Barbary, planning world domination aka how we’re going to work together. We now have

  • a working title for our joint venture (Barbary Dean, since you ask, cos it sounds dead grown-up!)
  • a strategy and
  • a plan for the creation and marketing of our first joint product including a launch date

We’ve also talked about how we can help each other to develop our individual businesses at the same time so that we really do make the most of our different skills and talents.

We’re determined to make the most of the opportunities that are coming our way both individually and together and we’ve just said a very excited farewell at the station as I got Eli onto her train with 2 minutes to spare.

It feels really good to have met someone who I like and trust and that I want to share time, ideas and results with. And I also feel less like I’m on shifting sands because Eli is providing me with a bedrock of solidity in the areas where I know I’m weak, just as I am doing for her.

December 14th 2010 will see the launch of our first joint effort and you’ll see the marketing campaign begin for that fairly shortly – until then I’ll leave you on tenterhooks 🙂

My own current project this week is an experiment I started on yesterday based around my Colour In Your Life Programme. Normally it takes around 5 – 6 months to complete this programme but I think it will be possible to get stonkingly good results by covering the same ground over 10 weeks so yesterday I created a 10-week version of it.

The aim of Colour In Your Life is to help you discover who you really are and get comfortable showing the world your True Colours.

By the end of the programme you will have

  • greatly increased self-confidence
  • a clear understanding of your personal values
  • reduced stress levels
  • a much more positive self-image
  • improved personal relationships
  • an understanding of how and why you behave as you do

and much more besides.

This level of support from me would usually set you back £760 if you did the standard online package, or at least £850 if you chose face-to-face coaching sessions, but as this is an experiment it can be yours for a one-off payment of just £299.

That’s a saving of at least £450.

I’m only making this offer available until the end of this week so if you’d like to take advantage of it, then you can sign up here and get started today.

More information is available here, including details of my 100% money back guarantee.

So there we are. I have now worn myself out with excitingness and I have an urge to make some scones. I wonder if you can cook with Fairy Dust? I think sparkly scones might look rather wonderful….

Thanks for reading

With Love & Fairy Dust


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