It’s all about the Journey

Last week was VERY strange.

It started with an intense day and ended with an intense day and the distance travelled between the 2 was immense.

There were times when I felt like layers of skin were being stripped off me and times when I felt completely and utterly serene, and just about every emotion you can imagine in between.

And the learning I did, about myself and about other people, was awesome and awe-inspiring and made me simultaneously exhausted and hungry for more.

I spent time flailing and fearful and then came out of that to spend time blissed out and giddy with excitement, and then came out of that to focus with complete clarity on the tasks in front of me and sharing my gifts with the people around me, which was enormously calming and grounding.

I’ve decided to reclaim the word Journey from the world of reality TV and I’ve decided to be brave and talk about the growing importance of Spirituality in my life and about what I believe to be my Purpose.

I believe that every one of us is on his or her own Journey, whether we know it or not.

I believe that we each have a Purpose and a Passion and that the purpose of our Journeys is to seek out and accomplish that Purpose and to acknowledge and fulfill our Passion.

I believe that if each of us was to do that, the World would be an immeasurably better place.

I believe that my Purpose and Passion is to teach people how to find their own Purpose and Passion by helping them to truly know themselves.

I can best do that by meeting them wherever they are on their own Journey and walking with them as far as they need me to.

In doing this I will be learning more about myself while sharing my gifts with them, and so making progress along my own Journey.

Before last week I could not have articulated it in that way and I did not have the great depth of belief that I have now about who I am and what I’m here for. I knew it vaguely, intellectually, but couldn’t quite allow myself to believe it emotionally.

And now I do.

And that belief is shaping how I work and how I offer my gifts to the world.

I’m actively making time for meditation instead of actively making excuses for not meditating.

I’m actively making time to connect with the Universe to bring out what’s deep inside me, instead of waiting for a crisis to hit first.

I’m consciously stepping back from concentrating on doing so that I can concentrate on being.

And I’m focussing on reaching out and giving, rather than focussing on bringing in and receiving.

And it feels good.

It feels good to have shed my old skins, and I don’t want them back no matter how vulnerable I feel in this new skin.

I’m poised waiting to step out onto the next leg of my Journey, knowing that I am protected and blessed and supported.

I’m on the threshold of something wonderful.

Will you join me?

4 responses to “It’s all about the Journey

  1. Wow, Cathy – this is fantastic and I’m totally with you!
    I completed an 18-month Thesis on Life Purpose earlier this year (i.e. what is it? do we all have one, etc.) and came to the conclusion that, yes, each one of us does have a unique higher purpose to fulfil.
    I actually used my Thesis to explore all the ‘purpose hunting’ methodologies (working with the conscious and unconscious parts of us) out there, showing my own results from using them, and I came up with my own life’s purpose, which you can find on this web page:
    If we all lived our higher purpose, the world most certainly would be a very different place – and part of my mission is to help as many people to do that as possible, by sharing what I’ve learned.
    I’ll watch your ongoing journmey with interest and excitement, Cathy!
    Jools xxx

  2. Lovely…’s the being not the doing that helps you take the next step.

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