Another Skin Shed

Firstly, I would just like to say a HUGE Thank You to everyone that has been in contact with messages of love and support since my last post. The fellowship and friendship out there is tremendous and I feel very loved and understood. I’m so glad I took action, and I’m so glad I chose to share it with you guys because I know that my decision has helped a number of you as well – and that’s what I’m here for.

I talked a couple of days ago about my Journey and how I was learning that what I am is a teacher, here to support people as they walk their own paths to their own destinations.

A couple of people have confirmed that for me over the past few days, telling me that I’m selling myself short by describing what I do as coaching, because it’s apparently “so much more than that”.

One of them even used the word “Guru”. I feel a bit shy of that word but I also feel excited by it – what a wonderful aspiration for me to have!

And it has to be said, while I use a fair few tools that I learned during my coach training, I do lots of other stuff as well – including teaching, sometimes by example.

The thing I rely on most though is my intuition.

My intuition, coupled with a very developed visual sense, creates pictures in my head which help me to offer a different viewpoint to whoever I’m working with. If the picture feels “right” for the client we can then go off into what, if looked at from the outside, might be a VERY weird conversation but which makes complete and utter sense and reveals often deeply held truths about themself to the client.

One person said it’s like being in a trance state, another that it’s an almost spiritual experience.

When we work face to face it has an intense, magical quality and can leave both of us feeling at once drained and uplifted. When I see it happening online it somehow seems even more remarkable.

I’m excited about how this will develop and where it will take me and my clients, and it feels as if another layer, the “I am a coach” layer might be starting to slough off, to reveal more appropriate skin underneath. I don’t know quite what that skin will look like, but I know I’m going to like it, glory in it even, for as long as it fits me.

What an exciting Journey this is!

2 responses to “Another Skin Shed

  1. *like*. I read your last blog and wanted to get in touch but didn’t, cos I just didn’t know quite what to say. I’m sorry, that was…more than a bit rubbish of me. Really glad you’re feeling better now anyway! Onward and upward eh…

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