Happy Birthday To Me!!

Today is the day the new Me was born, because it’s exactly ONE WHOLE YEAR since I left full-time employment and leapt into this new life.

And what a year it’s been! There have been incredible highs and a few lows – but the lows have been transitory and really only stumbles, and I’ve learned from each and every one of them.

Nothing like the lows I used to get in my Old Life, redolent as they were with the scent of frustration, anger and lack of hope.

I’ve learnt so much this year, and I’m excited about what I still have left to learn. I am surrounded by opportunities and possibilities and everywhere I look there are wonders to behold.

I’ve met so many lovely people and been surprised and delighted by how much friendship, positivity and fellowship there is around.

I broke free from an atmosphere of cynicism and fear that I had thought was normal, and I assumed that the outside world would be the same. It took only a few weeks for me to realise that the exact opposite was true and that I’d made the Best Decision Ever by escaping.

Not a day goes by now where I don’t give thanks for being where I am in my life.

I have worked with brave, bold, beautiful clients, all seeking after their own Truth. It’s been a privilege to walk a part of their Journey with them and to see them blossom as they learn about their own abilities and potential.

I’ve made wonderful friends and found wonderful teachers and I’ve benefited from the kindness, love and generosity from so many people, all of whom have given their support with no expectation of any return.

I have contact with so many lovely people that I could never otherwise hope to meet through this blog and Twitter and Facebook, and all of you enrich my life.

So as I celebrate this Birthday, I want to say a big, heartfelt

THANK YOU – to you!

Let the Feasting and Merrymaking begin, and here’s to the Wonders that the next year has in store!!


8 responses to “Happy Birthday To Me!!

  1. Many Happy Returns Cathy!!
    Long may the New You continue to flourish and the enjoyment of your great adventure never diminish.
    Love and furry dust

  2. Crockett Cresswell

    Happy birthday

    I tried to email a cake but when that didn’t work I attached it to a carrier pidgeon – it should be with you anytime now.

  3. This is such a happy birthday! I’m overjoyed to be able to celebrate it with you here! Many happy returns xx

  4. And what will you be saying in a year’s time? Congratulations – you deserve it. I will continue to follow in the slipstream of your blazing fairy dust trail!

    • In a year’s time I’ll be saying what a fantastic 2nd year it’s been, what a privilege it’s been to work with and for so many wonderful people and how much I’m looking to doing even more in my 3rd year. I’ll be musing on the inspirational people I’ve met along the way, how much I’ve learnt from them nd how excited and enthused I am by all the glorious possibilities that lie before me.

      And I’ll be warning you about keeping that Fairy Dust out of your eyes, cos it probably stings 🙂

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