Finding the Real You

We keep masses of stuff packed away in our heads, some of it useful and some of it crap that we’ve accumulated over the years. Often there’s so much unexamined crap up there that it gets in the way of the useful stuff.

What I do is help you to do a mental declutter.

When I’m talking to a new client I often use the analogy of an attic.

The inside of your head is like an attic where you’ve stuffed everything that might be useful one day. The trouble is that you’re a hoarder, so you’ve stuffed EVERYTHING up there, from useful stuff like the Christmas decorations to the receipt for a sandwich you bought from Tesco back in 1981 and everything in between.

Now you’ve got an attic full of carrier bags full of old receipts and empty shrink-wrap and used tissues and you can’t find the fairy lights. And who knows what real treasures lurk up there, hidden under all that junk?

So what I do is take you up there with a torch and get you to start sifting through the piles of rubbish. We bring everything into the light and have a massive decluttering spree, throwing away the junk and dusting off the fairy lights and baubles.

Some of this may well be difficult for you – most hoarders hang on to stuff because they can’t bear to let it go. There’ll be some stuff that you look at and think “Why on earth have I still got that bit of old tat?” and you’ll fling it away without a second thought.

And there’ll be other stuff that’s just as useless that you’ll have a hard time letting go of. You’ll think

“Oh I must keep that, my parents gave it to me so it must be precious”


“I can’t POSSIBLY do without that, everyone has told me I need to hang on to it. Although now I look at it properly it’s actually no use to man nor beast, but still, I can’t throw it away!”

So we’ll examine those bits of junk very carefully. We’ll poke them and prod them and check the fuses and see where they’ve come unglued and where the rats have been at them.

Sometimes you’ll realise they’re worthless and you’ll get rid of them. Sometimes you’ll decide that you were once useful but that now they’re obsolete – there’s no point in keeping a scratched LP if all you have now is an iPod.

(Note to younger readers – if you don’t know what an LP is, ask you grandparents).

However difficult this process is, I’ll hold the torch steady for you and provide fortifying cups of tea, Fairy Dust and tissues (which we’ll throw away when we’ve finished with them…)

As we trawl through your attic, so we’ll also open up all the boxes that you’ve never looked in and find the hidden treasures that were packed away when you were born and while you grew up and that have maybe not seen the light of day since.

Treasures like the confidence to know what you want.

The self-esteem to stand up for yourself and your beliefs.

The knowledge that you are a worthy individual who is here for a purpose.

The belief that you have something to offer.

The courage to go out and live up to your potential.

With every treasure we unpack so you’ll get to know yourself that little bit better, until the point at which we pull the dust sheet off the mirror standing right at the back of the attic and you stand in front of it with all your treasures in place and all the junk gone.

And what’s reflected, finally, is The Real You.

And you feel Right at last.

And then you go off and conquer the world 🙂

6 responses to “Finding the Real You

  1. I do so agree. My session yesterday proved to me how much clutter I’m carrying around with me and how I am so ready to get rid of it all and start living my life the way I want it to be.

  2. Don’t forget that we hold our baggage in our bodies as well as our heads. Hence we are burdened, weighed down, carry the world on our shoulders, feel overwhelmed etc. We can tap for that !!!!
    Good one sister…..

  3. Hi Cathy – I’ve spent 3 evenings reading all of your Blog entries and I have enjoyed every one. Having gone through a difficult few months some of your postings have really chimed with me. You are truly inspirational and I look forward to reading more. Hope all your (impossible) dreams come true!


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