The Interpretation of Dreams

I have been privileged to be part of some AMAZING work done by my clients this week.

The shifts and breakthroughs that I’ve witnessed have been marvellous and magical to behold and I’ve learned so much in the process, and become increasingly excited about what’s possible for the human spirit when someone firmly decides to embark on this kind of work.

When I went to bed last night I had so many ideas for what I wanted to say today as a result of the themes that have been coming through this week’s work – and then I Had A Dream.

And I feel compelled to share it and explore it and see if I can break through its meaning. I do know that there’s NOTHING more boring than someone else telling you about their dreams, so I apologise right now – if I were you I’d go off and do something much more interesting like watching beige paint dry or cataloguing your toenail clipping collection.

Still here? OK, don’t say you weren’t warned…

I was in an antique shop  with My Lovely Husband and a friend and we found an old manuscript covered in mysterious symbols (possibly Japanese, possibly alchemical, possible both). It also had the words Meditate Deeper on it and I knew the message was meant for me so I bought it.

When I got it home (which was an Ancient Place, not the place I live in now) I realised the manuscript has backed with meat so I tore a bit off and started chewing on it. I used the rest to line a roasting dish.

I couldn’t swallow the meat I was chewing as it was raw and sinewy, so I spat it out. At once I was grabbed by unseen hands and propelled at high-speed towards the open window. As the hands grabbed me, I had a split second of euphoria, thinking “Yes! This is what Meditate Deeper means!!” which instantly turned to terror as I was forced to look out of the window at – what?

At that point I woke myself and My Lovely Husband up with my screams.

I lay awake for ages afterwards. I knew that this dream had immense significance for me and I tried so hard to look through that window and see what I was so terrified of seeing. I know I did see it in the instant before waking. In the instant before going back to sleep I realised what it was and why I was so frightened of it – but I also realised that there was nothing to fear.

But now I can’t remember it. It’s as if the shutters have closed and I can’t open them.

If there’s anyone out there that can interpret dreams, PLEASE HELP!!

I shall meditate this afternoon and ask the Universe for help. Already it’s saying to me that it’s My Truth that I’m frightened of seeing and that once I’ve looked at it clearly and plainly I will have nothing to fear.

And how interesting – that’s one of the themes that’s been running through my client work this week.

Physician, heal thyself indeed!

2 responses to “The Interpretation of Dreams

  1. Hi there Cathy, I am a symbolistic artist and also a dream interpretor, maybe I can help. you can find me on facebook or at my website

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