How To Cure The Back to Work Blues

What ho, Sports Fans, Happy New Year! I hope the return to Real Life hasn’t been too awful for you – I well remember having to strap myself back in when I had a “proper job” and how quickly all the relaxation and fun seemed to evaporate once the dull daily round swung back in.

My Lovely Husband has just come home from his second day back in the office this year and he’s clearly feeling it already so I’m trying to be extra-specially snuggly – I’ve packed him off to bed with a nice cup of tea for a post-work snooze while I write this.

Thankfully, I don’t have any of that back-to-work glumness any more. I’ve had a lovely long rest and enjoyed myself enormously and now I’m raring to go. I spent yesterday morning looking at goal setting and objectives and clarity of purpose with a lovely group of ladies and then went to Bristol to spend the afternoon working up my plan for the year along with my Fairy-Dust-Sprinkler-in-Chief, the blessed Eli Barbary.

I came away excited, enthused and raring to go – we have some fantabulous irons in the fire and now that Eli is firmly in charge of marketing and I Know My Place I just know that this coming year is going to be spectacular.

Some of the work I kicked off when I was Creating the Impossible will come to fruition in the next couple of weeks when my new, combined blog and website is unveiled. When that happens you’ll only have to go to one place to find out what I’m up to and to see what’s available to you if you want to work with me. There’ll be something for everyone from free downloads to details on how to apply for the next run of my VIP Programme and everything in between. The new site is going to look great and be really easy for you to use – can’t wait!

In the meantime I’ve been having deep and meaningful conversations with My Ego, the Universe and a hitherto unknown Gremlin and Moomin that have come to light over the past couple of days. They’re feeling a bit shy at the moment but when I’ve got to know them a wee bit better I’ll introduce them to you.  At the moment all I can say is that one of them’s called Miss Don’tBeGreedyThat’sDisgusting and the other one is Empress Moomin.

And if you’re thinking WTF is she on about, have a read of this

So things are very definitely starting out on the right note for me this year. If you’re having an attack of the glums because you feel like you’re stuck in a life that doesn’t suit you, try this simple exercise.

One one piece of paper write down all the things you actively like and enjoy about your life right now.

One a second piece of paper, write down all the things you actively DISlike and DON’T enjoy about your life right now.

Which list is longer?

What surprises have appeared on your lists?

If you were in control of your life and how you live it, what changes would you make?

If you’re not incontrol of your life, who is?

Are you happy with that?

As ever, please comment or lurk, whichever you feel most comfortable with.

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