Thank you, Universe

Well now. How excited and amazed am I?

Very, since you ask.

This morning had Fairy Dust sprinkled all over it and the sparkliness will last well into this afternoon and beyond, I can tell you.

You know how I go on about the Universe? Well, it’s done it again and provided me with exactly what I most needed, at just the point where I’d got out of my way enough to realise that it was what I needed.

Let me explain.

You may remember this post from a while back, where I fessed up about the pig’s ear I had made of my financial situation.

Since then I’ve got things far more in hand and although things will still take a while to be properly OK, I’ve paid all the lovely people who agreed to wait a while and things are now in far better shape than they were.

You’ll also, if you’ve been following this blog for a while, be aware that I’ve been through a really big shift in my thinking and understanding of why I’m here and what my Mission and Purpose is.

In the last couple of weeks those 2 strands of my life have come together in a quite remarkable way. I’ve used the down time over Christmas and the New Year to do a lot of reflection and re-evaluation.

I been doing a lot of journalling and working through some fabulous self-help books and have come to some major realisations about how I’ve been getting in my own way and making life far more difficult than it has to be.

I think we all sabotage ourselves to some extent and I’m no different to anyone else in that respect but I and the Universe have decided that last year’s sabotage strategies are old hat and we don’t want them any more.

So I’ve ditched them and I’ve made some major decisions:

  • I am no longer even attempting to do my own marketing because I’m crap at it and Eli, my Chief Fairy Dust Sprinkler, is an expert.
  • I have stopped fighting the Universe and decided to listen to its advice regarding my target clients.
  • I have started to focus my networking on areas where those clients are likely to be. Too much (well all, really) of my time over the past year has been spent networking with very lovely people who aren’t my core market. That stops now – and here’s where this morning’s gloriousness comes in.

Over the past couple of days I’ve been honing the text that will go on my soon-to-be-unveiled combined blog and new website (it’s very lovely, and very user-friendly and I’m very excited!!).

Some of that text describes my “new ideal clients” – successful, intelligent, high-achieving, professional women who appear to have it all but who, in reality, don’t recognise their own worth and feel like frauds as a result.

I have a very clear picture in my head of the type of women I need to start networking with and this morning I suddenly found myself in a room full of successful, intelligent, high-achieving, professional women.

I had been invited to go along as a speaker at the last minute and I’m so glad I accepted. I really believe that this morning marked the turning point for me and the shift into the next phase for me and my business.

I made some excellent contacts, met some truly inspiring women and have a new client session to arrange as soon as I finish this.

Listening to the women around me I realised that I was in exactly the space I need to be from now on and I became completely aware that this is exactly what happens when you become clear about what’s right for you and then tell the Universe – it provides.

And now, looking back through my emails for the past few weeks, I can see a lot of other nudges in this direction that I had previously ignored. Some opportunities I will have missed, but that’s OK. I’m going to follow up every nudge and see what comes of it because even if that door is now shut, there will be another one opening somewhere else.

There an ancient Buddhist (I think) saying along the lines of “the path is easy, why do you put rocks in it?”

There’s also a joke that runs like this:

A man was out on his fishing boat when he got into difficulties. A passing trawler stopped and offered him help but he refused help saying “God will protect me”. Things got worse and an ocean-going yacht chanced upon him and again offered to help. Again, the fisherman refused saying “The Lord will save me”. Inevitably, his boat capsized and he drowned. When he got to Heaven he was furious and demanded to know why God hadn’t saved him. God looked at him despairingly and said “I sent you a trawler and a yacht, what more do you expect?!”

What rocks are you strewing in your own way?

What help, hints or nudging are you failing to notice?

As ever, please comment – I love to know what you think.

8 responses to “Thank you, Universe

  1. My incessant need to have the future All Planned Out. Seriously, if X is working just fine “now”, leave it alone, even if you can’t see it working “then”. If or when “then” comes, I’ll have chance to change it.

    Stop worrying about where the money will come from in the Dream Lifestyle. It’ll come from wherever it is at the moment: the world’s currency supply is not going to spontaneously combust between now and when you get there.

    Do what you love, not what you hope will get you praise and recognition.

    Since I know all this stuff, why is it proving so hard to do…?

    • Well now, only you can answer that question. What is it that you don’t believe about all the “stuff” you know but find it hard to do?

      • Fear of the unknown. I’ve got where I am today (some of it good, some of it not so much) through meticulous planning. It’s scary to trust that things will just happen without that much input from me, and may happen better if I got out of my own way and gave in to more impulses. There’s some areas where I’m better at this, but not the big ones. Yet.

      • And isn’t it funny how we always assume that “the unknown” is going to be horrible and far worse than the known, and how, no matter how many times we’re proved wrong, we still make that same assumption every time we’re faced with a new unknown?

  2. Well Cathy, looks like this year will be one with more potential, more income and…what’s really important, more happiness!!
    I have been running my own businesses for 25 years and still make mistakes…part of the joy of learning. So take chances, change when you need to.
    All the very best to you and your venture…stick to this one….!!

    Di xxx

  3. This is a great post. Bizarrely I have done the same. I have cut down the networking and am focusing on what I need to do for the business and what makes me happy. I am working less, more streamlined and much more productive than I was at the end of last year. Good for you Cathy. I look forward to hearing about your new world.

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