The Universe would like a word…

Hello, I’m The Universe.

Well actually I’m Cathy’s Universe – you’ve got one of your own but I know you’re used to seeing me referred to as “The Universe” so I thought I’d go with it.

Cathy can’t think of anything to blog about so she’s asked me if I’d like to do a Guest Post for her and, well, how could I refuse?

She’s not going to read this so it’s the ideal opportunity for me to tell you what’s really been going on over the past year or so since she went solo – but it’ll have to be our secret – if you rat me out I’ll wake up your Gremlins…

So. I’ve known Cathy since before she was an egg but she’s only really become aware of me quite recently. Well that’s not quite true – there have been times when she was aware of something but she didn’t want to notice me so she’s spent a fair few years blocking me out and willfully doing the exact opposite of what I’ve tried to suggest.

She’s been REALLY REALLY good at almost going along with my suggestions and then convincing herself not to listen at the last minute. But we’ve learned and grown together and I went for some vocal projection lessons in the Spring and since then she finds it much more difficult to ignore me.

And once she began listening, she became more and more interested in what I had to say – and now look at us!

I have to say though – she thinks she’s a recovering control freak but actually she’s just moved the controlling stuff in a different direction. She used to spend all her time trying to control other people and being, generally, something of a self-opinionated bossy-boots.

That description is VERY far removed from who she is today but, I have to tell you, she has spent a considerable proportion of this past year getting in her own way by insisting that she knows best.

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time you’ll know she’s been through a few swerves in direction and it’s made her look a bit flaky to some people.

The thing is, we’ve had a good long sit down over Christmas and she’s finally realised that this doesn’t have to be difficult.

All she really needs to do is listen to me and go with the flow and it’ll be fine.

She’s the one that’s been making everything difficult for herself – and in fact we had one of our conversations in the shower yesterday morning and she actually said to me “You told me to do this, this and this a year ago. I didn’t want to listen then, but now I know you were right. Sorry”.

And I’m thinking “Don’t apologise to me, Dear, you’re the one that’s been flailing around, I’ve got all eternity and limitless patience – and a stack of good books to read!”

So now, finally, we have a arrived in a place of calm and floating and rightness. You will see all of that reflected when the new combined website and blog appears sometime soon and you get a very clear of what Cathy’s up to and why.

Last year was The Year of Flail – this year will be The Year of Calm.

And one last thing – if you’re a regular reader, you’ve got to know me quite well by now. But there’s someone else who you might not know quite so well, but who is VERY interested in making your acquaintance and has lots of things they’d like to tell you.

So – what’s Your Universe trying to tell you, that you haven’t been wanting to hear? And what would happen, do you think, if you started to listen?

If Your Universe would like to reply to me, I’m all ears!!


2 responses to “The Universe would like a word…

  1. Great blog post. I am always listening to my universe and it tells me to slow down and dont panic. I see signs in life when I know I am doing the wrong thing or the right one or that I need to change. I am now expecting calm from you Cathy. I am watching!

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