What Happens When You Set the Wrong Goals

I used to have a postcard that said “I can’t decide whether to be a good example or an awful warning“.

Well today, I’m going to be An Awful Warning. And those of you at the back that are sniggering and wondering how that’s any different to normal can just come and sit at the front where I can reach you more easily with the board rubber.

Thank You.

So – for as long as I can remember it’s been my ambition to have a book published. It was, if I’m honest, one of those things that I categorised as a Secret Dream that was never likely to happen so while I started writing lots of times nothing ever came to fruition.

With the reinvention of myself into this new, more colourful life, having a book published suddenly became rather more than a Secret Dream. Suddenly I was discovering that having a book published was a great way of letting people know about what I did and the word on the street was that being able to describe yourself as a “Published Author” was a good way of establishing your credibility.

The Universe then very kindly set up a series of encounters that led to me meeting the lovely people at The HotHive, who took one look at my manuscript and decided they wanted to publish it because it filled a gap in the market.

It’s called Finding the Real You: a practical guide for students and, as far as I know, it’s the ONLY book on the UK market that offers personal development/coaching aimed specifically at undergraduates.

Whoop Whoop, excitement all round.

So we went through the publishing process and the day arrived when a lorry drew up at my door and unloaded a stack of books.

My Books.

My Beauties.

Oh, what a moment. They smelled like Real Books! They looked like Real Books!! They were more Orange than the most Orangey thing you’ve ever seen!!!!

That was it. I was a Published Author. I had achieved my Secret Dream.

My work here was done.

That was in October.

And it’s only in the last couple of weeks that I’ve woken up to the fact that a far more useful goal would have been to publish a book and get it established as a must-buy for its intended readership…

It’s no good me having a pile of lovely books at home, and my publisher having a warehouse full of them – I wrote it to help people and it won’t help them if I don’t promote it.


So – the tide has turned. Yesterday I was interviewed on 107 Spark FM, a radio station in Sunderland that has a large student following – you can hear the interview here

I’m going to be working with Eli my Chief Fairy Dust Sprinkler to plan some events aimed at publicising the book more widely and I’ve sent review copies of to various people in the public eye that I know have an interest in young people and our education system.

So watch this space to see how it goes.

And when you’re setting goals for yourself, do be sure to think them through properly!


7 responses to “What Happens When You Set the Wrong Goals

  1. Good luck Cathy! I have seen your book and it is wonderful; how I wish something like this had been around when I was young. I am also a teensy weensy bit jealous – oh all right then, deeply, deeply envious, as it is the ultimate Secret Dream, isn’t it? Very best wishes for your sales; I am convinced this is a bestseller.

  2. Most clever you are….and absolutely right!

  3. Just heard your radio interview, Cathy – fab! I was in BHS the other day and, guess what, they sell Fairy Dust! Well, it’s one of those room freshener things so you might want to check out what Fairy Dust smells like (mmm… clean).

  4. Yup, me too. Write book, publish book… hang on, no-one said I had to MARKET the thing! 🙂

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