Why Don’t We Do What’s Good For Us?

As you’ll have been able to tell from my recent posts, there’s been a lot of Sabotage and Resistance going on around here and quite frankly I’m fed up with it.

I know what changes I want to make in my life and I know why I want to make them. I know the benefits they will bring and I know why staying in my old patterns isn’t going to help me.

I know that resistance is a normal and natural part of any change and that it has to be worked through.

I know that the eventual benefits will far outweigh the discomfort I will feel during the time of Resistance.

But it still pisses me off something chronic that, despite knowing all this, I still need to go through the process and I still seem to “come round” and find myself having been resisting like fury without apparently even noticing it happening!

In one way it’s reassuring to know that I’m perfectly normal – everyone goes through this when they want to change, and it allows  me to empathise and understand when my clients talk about their own Resistance.

But it does get very wearing after a while.

However, I do find that there comes a point at which I get so fed up with the Resistance and the effect it’s having that something snaps inside and I say “No More!” I harness my Inner Gandalf and stand square in the face of the Resistance and proclaim “You Shall Not Pass!!!”

And once I’ve done that, I pick up the threads of the changes I want to make and get back on track, knowing that I’m moving ever further along my Journey and ever further towards reaching my true potential.

And that feels good.

4 responses to “Why Don’t We Do What’s Good For Us?

  1. Sitting behind a car in a rainy traffic jam this morning, I noticed the car in front of me was “Powered by Fairy Dust”. That’s what YOU are! So it makes sense that you can Gandalf anything, including resistance and sabotage. Hoorah!

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