More Fear Needed…

I’ve been ruminating on why The Saboteurs and the Resistance have been so active of late and I realised that some of it’s because I’m bored. Not just bored as in “everything’s in other people’s hands now” bored , but bored as in “where’s my next big challenge?” bored.

I’m doing something that stretches me every day, but the stretches are starting to feel too easy and I can feel myself becoming a bit complacent.

So yesterday I decided to follow up on my naked photo shoot experience from last year. That was a REAL challenge and was amazingly empowering. My relationship with my body and how I feel about myself generally has completely changed since then, and I’ve decided to capitalise on that – so next Tuesday evening I’m going to a local art school to pose – in the nude – as a Life Model.

Today it feels exciting but not quite challenging enough – I’ll let you know next week how it feels on the night!!

So I’ve pondering on what other challenges to give myself – and then I thought I’d ask YOU what challenges YOU’D  like me to undertake and then write about…that’s right, from now on, My Fear is in Your Hands!

Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • challenges that will test and stretch me
  • challenges that will allow me to write about my experiences in a way that will be helpful for you to read about
  • challenges that will inspire you to challenge yourself and face some of your fears and gremlins

Here’s what I don’t want:

  • suggestions for things that are going to cost lots of money

Please give me your challenges here – I’ll rate them out of 5 for how much of a challenge they feel to me (where 1 is “I do that sort of thing every day” and 5 is “Holy Shit I could NEVER do THAT!!! Oh…OK then…if I must…”) and then take them one at a time…


I can already feel the adrenaline starting to flow and I haven’t even published this yet – what on EARTH have I let myself in for?!


19 responses to “More Fear Needed…

  1. I challenge you to create a set list, find musical accompaniment, and perform at an open mic night, singing at least three songs in front of an audience.

    I think this will challenge you in a good way, because you have a lovely voice, and I know you’ve always struggled (needlessly) with singing in public.

  2. I feel the adrenaline flowing and I’m not even you! I know you’ll keep us posted!

  3. This reminds me of ‘Yes Man’ by Danny Wallace. There is an inferior film version with Jim Carrey, but the book is far better. Wallace decided to change his life by answering ‘yes’ to questions that started ‘Would you like…?’ or ‘Will you…?’ etc, with the caveat that people who knew wouldn’t take advantage or that he wouldn’t bet all of his money on red or throw himself under a bus, etc. It is yet another fascinating personal journey I have read recently, and a really good one, too.

    • Ah yes – I remember that one coming out and was reminded very strongly of “The Dice Man” by Luke Reinhardt, one of those “seminal texts” from the 60s. The Dice Man of course was fiction. What happened to Danny Wallace – good, on balance, or “I’m never doing that again!” on balance?

      • On balance, Wallace’s experience were good and he enjoyed the majority of them. The experiences that he didn’t enjoy were recounted in an amusing fashion but, as an eye-opener to his life at the time, Wallace found it worth doing.

      • Hmmm….well I think I’ve got enough challenges to be going on with for now….

  4. Pick an adventurous activity / sport you’ve always looked at and thought “S/he must be so brave to do that!” and then do it. I’m thinking things like paragliding, abseiling, scuba diving, parachuting, rock climbing, sailing…

    • Arg!! OK, that’s a definite 6 out of 5. I’ve done the climbing and abseiling and it was AMAZING – one of the most exhilerating things I’ve ever done and I learnt SUCH a lot about myself from it. The things that REALLY freak me out from your suggestions are paragliding and parachuting. Sailing makes me bleat because I’m not a good sailor (I get seasick very easily) and I’m a rotten swimmer, and scuba diving would be a challenge because I don’t like putting my face underwater, but nowther of them make me feel scared just thinking about them. I’m coming over hot and cold at the mere thought of parachuting or paragliding – I can’t even go on those chain swing rides they have at funfairs without screamig “like a rat being emasculated” as my lovely husband once said.

      So – it’ll have to be one of those. I’ll do some research and let you know which one. Once I’ve been sick…

  5. Fear up to 6? Interesting! You can totally do it if you set your mind to it. 🙂

  6. Wow…I’m excited to hear how the modeling goes…not sure if I could do it! Challenges are so good for you though…I probably need to get out of my comfort zone more often!

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  8. Great article, Cathy. It is amazing how many people have found challenges for you. It would be interesting to find out how many people are willing to set up personal challenges for themselves!

  9. Hi Cathy,
    Did you see my email about me interviewing you for my newsletter on Comfort Zone Jumping? I hope you’ll consider it! You seem like an expert comfort zone jumper to me!
    I jumped (mildly compare to you) today when I went to my first Zumba class!

    • Hi Susanna, I didn’t see it but that’s because I’ve managed to break my email account. Am now well out of my comfort zone trying to fix it!! I would be delighted to be interviewed by you, how lovely of you to ask 🙂
      And how was your Zumba class?

  10. Zumba class was great. I find the more I leave my comfort zone the easier it is. I most often leave it in “milder” ways but it seems as though those add up to produce a stronger “leaving the comfort zone muscle” overall.
    How do I get in touch with you if you don’t have email and I live in the US? Can we Skype? My newsletter goes out in a week and would love to have you and your comfort zone adventures in it!

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