So, yesterday I said I was in need of a challenge and asked for suggestions. I’ve had one so far, from my lovely daughter, and I have accepted her challenge to devise a set-list, find an accompanist and sing at least 3 songs at an open mic event.

I do love to sing but have been very shy of singing in public – partly from being told when I was younger that I had a rotten voice, and partly as a result of getting such a severe attack of nerves when I agreed to perform a solo in a school music competition that I went on stage, opened my voice, and NOTHING came out.

Imagine that – me, making no noise whatsoever!

So – if anyone knows of any open mic venues in the Cheltenham area or wants to recommend an accompanist or volunteer themself to act as one, please email me at or tweet me @colourfulcoach

I know some of you are out there plotting on what challenges you’re going to offer me – don’t leave it too long cos I can only hold my breath for so long!!

I’ve also realised that there’s a challenge I had already set mself, and had promptly “forgotten” about, and that’s to do with promoting and selling my book.

So this morning I got to work on that, and you can follow that story on my dedicated blog at, where you’ll also find a competition to win a free review copy.

The adrenaline is flowing and today has been an enormoudsly productive way for all sorts of things, so onwards and upwards is what I say!!


as I was writing that, the lovely RedHairedHiker was commenting on yesterday’s post and challenging me to do some kind of really scary sporting activity.

So I’ve just signed up to do a Tandem Skydive in aid of Mind, the mental health charity.

I did it quickly so as not to give myself time to chicken out, so it’s all booked and paid for and I’m waiting for the date. Once I have that I’ll let you know how you can sponsor me – you will sponsor me, won’t you? Please? Cos now that I’ve stopped to think about it, I’m REALLY scared…

14 responses to “Challenges…

  1. I’ll definitely sponsor you – if I can and you’d like I’ll physically get there as well (but there’s no way ON THIS EARTH I am throwing myself out of a perfectly good plane. Flying is bad enough on its own.) You are incredibly brave. 🙂

  2. Yes, I did two 14,000 foot tandem descents out in Cairns, Australia, and they are the most amazing fun! I’ll certainly sponsor you! 🙂

  3. There’s only one response to the skydiving challenge – BLIMEY! You are so brave. Has Eli suggested Caspar for the singing accompaniment?

  4. An idea for a challenge – reach out to someone that you feel you have somehow wronged in the past / heal a rift / mend a broken relationship…

    • I can think of one individual in particular and I need to have a proper think about whether some sleeping dogs are better left to lie before I decide whether to tackle it or not. But it’s an excellent thought and I shall tuck it away in my ideas incubator….

  5. And another idea! Stretch your coaching by taking it to a place you have never considered eg volunteer to coach in a prison

  6. I’ll definitely sponsor you! Re the Goodreads blog, you know you can import posts from here into there, don’t you? Good for cross-promotion.

  7. Caspar is a professional musician and he has plenty of experience of open mic nights. He’s also ever so sweet and I am certain he would help you out on this one. I have told Eli and she said she would put you in touch, but she is so busy she may have forgotten. I will remind her.

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