This is where you’ll find comments from happy clients – and if you’d like to leave your own, please do so!

Cathy manages to help young people learn important things about themselves that fourteen years of schooling can’t seem to teach. She is fun, fabulous and has an ability to help people that seems completely organic and unstudied – something very welcome to someone fresh from school.

Michelle, Undergraduate

Cathy Dean colourfully coached me for half-a-dozen sessions through the autumn of 2009. Coaching was a new experience for me – and as such always worth trying. My background as both a teacher of yoga and of literature is very deeply concerned with analysis and understanding, and so I was interested in what an external voice could help me to learn about myself. The process required a very honest investigation of the self, and Cathy was always supportive, sensitive and reflective in her inputs. She judged accurately when to prompt, and when to let me lead myself. She listened as effectively as she spoke – and that’s a rare quality! The sessions were carried out with the professionalism one would expect – but also with a great deal of humour and warmth which made them a pleasure rather then a chore to attend.

Adam, Teacher

Cathy has facilitated a number of events for me and has always achieved a successful outcome. She is particularly adept at getting groups to think about the actions they need to take, diverting them from concentrating on external factors which they can’t control. She is extremely good at judging the mood in the room and getting the energy flowing in the right direction. Equally at home with senior executives or junior teams, she adapts her style to get the best out of the people she is working with. Cathy is a thorough professional and I’d be happy to recommend her to any group, company or organisation that needs a top quality facilitator.


As a coach I found Cathy to be incredibly astute as she helped me challenge my thinking beyond my normal parameters. Cathy enabled me to look beyond my learnt corporate behaviours and explore my real strengths and motivations. Cathy’s coaching style is gentle but strong, warm, incredibly focussed and inspirational.  Her style of coaching enables exploration and stretching of new ideas and motivations. As a corporate HR Director I cannot recommend her approach strongly enough – she creates a new dimension of individual thinking

Jane, HR Director

Cathy coached me through an uncomfortable phase and helped me to confront difficult issues in order to move on.  She has an empathetic and ‘safe’ style whilst being straightforward in the way that she communicates with me as her client. She calls on her intuition and life experience to bring really helpful and new insights. I will always appreciate how she has helped me.

Liz, Entrepreneur

It is without reservation that I sincerely recommend a number of sessions with Cathy as a matter of course. I found all my sessions insightful and very much thought provoking. On a personal level, I found myself actually talking about what my own values, aspirations and goals actually were, rather than the unconscious thinking that I would normally carry out. The excercises that we undertook allowed me to focus, prioritise, plan and subsequently decide on goals that I genuinely wish to accomplish, rather than achieve goals that I thought I wanted to achieve. Cathy’s counsel has given me a new and much improved clarity of purpose.


As a professional coach and facilitor, Cathy posseses a clear, almost instinctual insight into the issues presented to her by her clients. She is able to draw profound insights from her clients with crystal clear and often very direct questions, but always expressed with warmth and humour. Coupled with a bubbly and energetic style, Cathy is a sheer joy to work with. And I always look forward to working with her!!

Anna Lamb, Zia Executive

Just wanted to thank you for this evening.  I walked to the car feeling several stones lighter – a burden starting to lift! Thank you for your patience and experience in helping me talk through things.


I am writing a book but had become stuck and lacking in motivation to continue. I had a coaching session with Cathy and it made a real difference. Cathy helped me to focus on why I am writing my book and to rediscover the excitement I had when I first embarked on this project. Cathy listens and asks probing questions that enable you to get to the heart of the problem. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a coach.

Mary Pearson, Stress Solutions

Thank you Cathy for helping me find a chink of light in the dark which I could fly to. I was in a really difficult place in my life, where I wanted to make a change but couldn’t see how I would get there. In a relatively short space of time, here I am, so happy that I have moved to a new location with new friends and a whole new life on my doorstep! I couldn’t have done it without you. I felt you listened and helped me find the right decision for me. I always feel you are true to yourself and will help others find their truth. Thank you so much for your support. And thank you for keeping coaching real.
All best wishes Cathy,

Vicki Bramley  (Regional Trainer)


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